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Annual "get up and go" rant for 2017

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  • Annual "get up and go" rant for 2017

    Every year, I end up making this same pitch. I was reminded of it because I stumbled into someone on here who wanted to encourage others to enter a "virtual nudist world".

    Time for the 2017 rant, which isn't going to be very much different from the rants of years past!

    My wife and I are into the actual, and very real world of social nudism. We belong to one landed club, and three active non-landed groups.

    We again had our annual November vacation at Cypress Cove in Florida , attended three parties and at least a half-dozen swims. Today, I just booked the flights for our November Florida trip.

    And now - the warm weather is upon us. The nudist parks in New England open up for the summer. In more southern areas, they will be opening up sooner, some are open now. We will be renewing our landed club membership, attending the Eastern Naturist Gathering in Pennsylvania, taking our annual Cove trip in November.

    And along the way having get-togethers with nudist friends here at the house, and attending others.

    Now, let me ask you this. IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED NUDE RECREATION YET, WILL YOU DO IT THIS YEAR? If not, why not?

    Are you shy? Well, don't be, at every nudist / naturist facility, you'll find lots of friends, you just haven't met them yet. You'll drink, dine, dance, laugh, socialize, exercise, and expand your social circle of friends quickly. You can get out and experience life -- and have new life experiences.

    Or, you can just sit at the keyboard and dream about it for another year.

    So, what are you going to do? Will we see you at any events this summer? And if you don't know how to go about doing it, ask here. There's probably a place near you, or a group near you, where you will be welcome.
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    actually they open this weekend up here....


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      Rant noted, Lurk. We go to landed sites whenever possible. While we aren't members of a club, we always look for a club whenever we travel and if one is nearby, we stay there. I also hit up most of the local clubs during the AANR SW nude racing series in TX and OK. There are 5 races and I intend to run them all and the one at Cypress Cove in Sep if I can get there.

      Unfortunately, there isn't a landed club close enough to capture us a members since the value isn't there. Fortunate for us, we have near total freedom at the home and back yard to be free for most activities. While these are not social with others, we also like the personal time since we both work and have an abundant social life that meets our needs. In a few yrs, when my work requirements change, we will likely join a landed club and have a weekend escape. But until then, we are satisfied with our social nude time and personal time as well.


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        As our grandkids get older, their sports events and schedules tend to pull at us more. We do what we can when we can and most times, we have to put nudist outings, getaways, gatherings and vacations on the calendar in order to take our nudist life off the property. The club tomorrow and the beach either Tuesday or Thursday. Gearing up for a long drive up to Laguna Del Sol for a week. In July, a few days and nights at Hidden Beach and then to a textile resort with part of our family.

        ​We get away when we can but it isn't always easy. Our grandkids will be gone and not near as concerned about Papa and Granma too soon! We'll have plenty of time to pick up and leave for many nudist events, gatherings, when they stop requesting we be there for all of their events and functions.
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          well said Fireprof , I can't do as much nude social activity because of demands of grandkids and family as well as work, I try to get to some landed clubs at least during the summer. Missed last month (April} because of weather. Made it to one last weekend and next opportunity isn't until June 10


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            Laguna Del Sol trip and Hidden Beach Vay cays under our bellies ... no belts here! Both were huge successes. A long 5 day/ 4 nights weekend at Laguna Del Sol and 3 days/ 3 nights at Hidden Beach Resort. HBR was way, way too short but a good enough visit to entice us to return again and again. Plans are already in the works for a return trip with close friends.

            ​Day trip tomorrow to our club. We'll pick up the motorhome on Wednesday, after the work is done, and bring it home for a couple of days and get it ready for another long weekend at our club. Looks like my wife wants to visit her sister in Tucson so we'll visit her for a couple days and then decompress at Mira Vista for a few days in late August. In mid August, we have close nudist friends coming for a long weekend. I'm sure Black's Beach, DeAnza Springs and chillin' in our backyard are all on the itinerary.

            ​September ... we will try and meet up with textile friends on the road. They have a 5th wheel and we'll figure out where we can meet up and spend some time with them and find us a place or places to visit and get naked before and after we meet up with them. Not quite sure where they are headed yet.

            ​October ... want to visit and stay for several days at the new Terra Cotta Resort in Palm Springs. We will be visiting for the day very soon to check it out. If we like as much as we think we will, we will return in Oct to stay for several days.

            ​Nov ... unknown and Dec ... way too busy with family for travel, so there will only be day trips to the beach, club and the new Terra Cotta.


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              Ranting away this weekend at Wildwood in Decatur, Texas. Had an event to go see on Sunday in Dallas so we are spending all weekend in the glory of the sun. For those in the DFW area, I highly recommend Wildwood. Lots of room for hiking, biking, relaxing by two pools, big volleyball crowd, and some really great and interesting people..and RC air planes to boot. Doesn't matter if you are single or part of a couple...only your attitude and character will prevent you from being welcomed back!


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                Another change in the works for us in September. Just got invited to revisit a long standing gathering of our closest nudist couples in the PNW. The host couple invited us all up for a long weekend in Mid Sept. With our luck, our friends with the 5th wheel will be visiting the deep south and we'll be hell and gone from meeting up with them in the time frame we'll surely have. Who said retired life was easy! hahaha It IS an adventure!

                ​We've not had this gathering at this home in a few years. It's on our calendar now ... so that means we are in. Hoping the other couples are able to visit as well! What I enjoy most about this gathering is not only the friendships but the 6 acres of land that we can roam naked. With accepting neighbors, it's great to be able to explore their 3 acres of wooded property and if we are seen or run into a neighbor near the property lines, they are friendly and don't get upset. I've stood naked at the fence line with our friend and his neighbor and talked for sometimes 20 mins or more. Really looking forward to this added trip!


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                  FireProf, sounds like you have some great friends. And a great life...keep that social calendar full!


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                    We do ... we like when they keep us busy! Between watching our grandkids, visiting nudist friends, having nudist friends visit us, throw in a textile visit from friends and family ... and as much social nudist time on our own, once in a while, we crave just staying home and doing nothing!


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                      nudkin sorry we weren't at Wildwood same time as you. my next visit probably won't be until aug26


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                        Originally posted by sknydppr View Post
                        nudkin sorry we weren't at Wildwood same time as you. my next visit probably won't be until aug26
                        Sorry as well. Our next trip there will likely be for the next two 5k races. Hope to see you.


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                          Our closest nudist friends have come and gone ... but we have another gathering in about 3 weeks up in the PNW with them and another couple that are close friends. That host couple we've known a bit longer and used to have an annual gathering at their house for the 4 couples but stopped after several years. They've decided to resume the annual gathering so we'll be up that way for a long weekend. Hoping the weather cooperates for a day at Collins Beach, wine tasting in the Mt Hood Gorge ... at the Naked Winery and plenty of naked time on their 6+ acres.

                          ​Our long naked weekend was capped off with a Naked Morning Eclipse breakfast. I made a Eclipse projector out of a cereal box and we experience it that way. Didn't even think to buy some Eclipse glasses! We'll buy some really cheap and save them for the Ring of Fire in 2023. They have said that they will come for sure come back for that event here in CA.

                          ​Naked housecleaning going on now ... I should get off my naked *** and go help! ;-)