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White Tail Resort 5K on June 24

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  • White Tail Resort 5K on June 24

    Who all are planning to go to White Tail Resort's 5K race on June 24?

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    Wish I could make it. I have run three nude 5ks this season already and have 2-3 more on my plate. This one is just a bit too far out of the way, however. But for anyone who runs, or likes a good walk, these are great events. Both for men and women. I was humbled by two 70 plus runners on one. And these feeling of freedom is magnified twofold by running nude. They are also great for minimal running shoes. I wear sandals from Xeroshoes which are great for cross country events like the ones here. Good luck to anyone who runs it. And for those on the fence about visiting a nude venue, these are great opportunities. And White Tail is a great site with really nice facilities. Spent a weekend there once while on an extended business trip and was most impressed by the overall site and the people.


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      This was an inauspicious year. I was about a minute slower than last year, and I managed to lock myself out of my car and had to call my wife to bring her key. I still enjoyed the event and plan to do it again next year, God willing.