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    Has anyone ever been to the Mira Vista Resort in Tucson? I may be going there in Feb. and am wondering if they play much Pickleball there.

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    Yes and Yes ...

    ​We've visited 3 times at different times of the year, except for Summer. Our last visit was a year ago this coming Feb. Pickleball players waited until around 11 am or later to begin playing because it was still cool in the mornings. It warmed up nicely in the late morning and afternoon and those that preferred playing naked were more comfortable. A few residents played in the morning but were clothed.


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      So, I managed to get most of a day away from my very non-nudist wife and found my way up to Mira Vista to play pickle ball. Thank god for the maps program in my phone or it would have been tough finding the place. Drove in right past the p-ball courts and was surprised to see people playing were completely clothed. Found my way to the office and a couple in their mid 30's were also checking in for the day. Turns out they would be the youngest people to be found there and they kept to themselves in the pool area. Everyone else was the usual over 50's crowd. After a brief walking tour, I was turned loose to do my thing. It was full sun and 80 degrees and I had come to play nude, so I decided to be the oddball and went to the courts nude. Being a midwestern guy and had not been nude outdoors for months, the nude walk to the courts was itself exhilarating. At the courts no one paid any attention to my being nude and welcomed me into the rotation to play. Eventually, the men started stripping off and ultimately all but one of the men were playing nude. The group was mostly couples. The women remained fully clothes until they decided to quit.
      I spent the rest of my time in the pool area. This resort is a beautiful facility. They are building another condo complex behind the p-ball courts. Water volleyball is big there and they have a separate pool for that. So, it was sort of a bucket list thing completed and while playing I completely forgot I was nude. It was a very enjoyable experience.