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spring is here

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  • spring is here

    It is good to have spring weather and the warmer temperatures. got to work outside in my garden nude this weekend

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    Spring is not here yet. But it is just around the corner


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      April 4th Hasn't cracked 30 yet today. I think the calendar is broken.


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        it was really cold here in Texas this weekend too


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          Finally! It has been in the 80s and low 90s here for the past few days and I've been loving it. Was able to sit out back for a while the other day after mowing the yard.


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            yes it is great to have the warmer temperatures. I have been able to enjoy the back yard nude and hope to get to Wildwood soon


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              Even in cool, New England, where the weather is erratic this time of year, we've had some events - Naturist New Hampshire had a wonderful event in that state three-four weeks ago - a small gathering, but we did have some sun outside , enjoyed the indoor pool, hot tub and sauna, and had a great dinner in the restaurant (we could be nude in that on this day)!

              Also a house party run by some friends in Maine two weeks ago. Loads of fun... laughs, what we needed.

              This weekend there's a swim in the Boston area (Saturday night) and our nudist park opens for the season this weekend. Don't know if the weather will be conducive to it but hey it's there!

              ANYONE ELSE? Others have activities going on?


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                enjoyed a great day at Wildwood in Decatur TX this past Sat. A fun way to start the Memorial Day Weekend. The water volleyball was a lot of fun.