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  • national nude week

    Can't believe I have missed being nude much this week. I have been busy building a storage shed in my back yard so I have not been able to be nude much. I hope others had a better opportunities. Stay nude.

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    We were able to, even without trying! Not much happening with family so we just stuck close to home. We did get dressed for an hour here and a half hour there. The most time spent clothed was a 2 hr errand with our eldest grandson to fulfill some birthday gifts, but for the entire week, we've been pretty much naked the bulk of it. Been naked the entire weekend. My wife did slip something on to do some yard clean up, up front but left me in the backyard to finish up so I didn't have to slip something on!! I love that woman!


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      I worked from home for the week. Is kind of fun being in meeting while being nude. No one knows!