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The Basic Benefits of Naturism.

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  • The Basic Benefits of Naturism.

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    The self esteem part was especially true for me. I had always been quiet and not very outgoing or confident in myself when I was growing up. When I was in high school a friend and I discovered a nude beach in southern California (that sadly no longer tolerates nudity). We looked for a couple minutes, then left. I was stunned that people could just casually walk around that way in public. I wanted very much to be part of that---I had been a closeted back yard-swimming pool nudist for years every time my parents left the house for any length of time, but the idea of being naked in front of others still terrified me. And frankly, it never occurred to me that I could even do such a thing. But, I wanted to be like those confident people on the beach. I went back a couple times by myself before finally mustering the strength to take off my swim suit. And, I enjoyed it. People talked to me and I became part of a group of "regulars" at that beach. Since that time, whenever I have found myself in an uncomfortable situation like not knowing anyone at a party, or needing to "work a room" at a business function, public speaking, etc., I have been able to tell myself that if I could find the courage to stand naked in front of total strangers, and be accepted by them, then I could "do this too." And, it has worked.


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      "Healthy for families"

      These days it seems that family nudism is less present at resorts. It'd be interesting to find out the factors that have contributed to the decline (social media?)

      My daughter was about 3 when her Mom and I started considering taking her to the resort with us. We were frequently nude at home together; but we were concerned about how she would react to being among naked adults other than "Mom and Dad." made no difference to her. She had so much fun "running around naked", doing activities and meeting other nudist kids that our doubts evaporated quickly. Like many other kids she was just a natural nudist. So we just kept bringing her to the resort. I am glad she got to have the experience of "growing up nudist." It shaped her social skills, acceptance of others and positive attitude towards them. As an adult she now works in healthcare because she enjoys helping others.

      ​​​​​​​Too bad more parents don't "get this."


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        Thank you for your thoughts. I condensed it way down to the basics so people will read it. I have pages and pages of benefits but no one will read all that. I posted this on Facebook and I got 50 shares immediately. Plus thousands of views in one day. 👍
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          I'd like to add that working on the house is also more comfortably done nude. I've been working at finishing a bedroom in our house which includes a loft above the adjacent hall and stairway. The ceiling in that loft is not high enough to stand so a lot of the work has been done while sitting or crawling on my knees. I wear socks to protect the tops of my toes, but being naked while finishing drywall, doing the sanding, and painting is a lot easier without the restrictions of binding clothes. It is also cooler. The warm air generated by my activity and the in-floor heat rises. I can't wait to finish the ceilings so the fans can be installed.


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            Thanks for your shares


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              All so true! I wish I could "bottle up" and share the joy of a nudist lifestyle and share it with those who are reluctant, curious, or want to know more, just so they could "know" the happiness and social sharing of naked friends. Even share with those who don't understand or comprehend, how life changing and positive of an experience that it can be. It simply made me a more confident and happier person. Once I tried social nudity, there was no looking back. I made friends who are really family. People to share the ups and downs of life with it.

              Great job condensing it down! Positive and all so true!


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                Sunshine on my naked skin is better than an apple a day for me