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F.Y.I. The Status of Hacked "NudistClubHouse" Since 2016 by Brian Spence

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  • F.Y.I. The Status of Hacked "NudistClubHouse" Since 2016 by Brian Spence


    Our website has been hacked by a Cyber Terrorist in the Ukraine.

    You may have received an e-mail from the terrorist demanding money. DO NOT PAY THEM. Just like feeding the birds, paying them encourages them to return and to do things like this to others. Cyber Terrorism has become a business in some parts of the world. If the money dries up, they will go away.

    The terrorist did not get any credit card numbers from our site. They are all on a different server, which is secure at our credit card processing company. We do not, and never have stored credit card information on this website server.

    We have suspended recurring payments. If you have a recurring premium membership, you will not be charged.

    Will the site return? We are currently working to protect things, and are unsure what the future holds at this time. The security of data, and that of our members is our highest priority, and we are doing what we can to contain the problem.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. This is certainly not something we wanted to have happen, and we are doing our best at this time to deal with the situation.

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    That site has been gone since 2016. I'm confused on what your message is.