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The pool is open, and the sun is out.

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  • The pool is open, and the sun is out.

    The pool is open, and the sun is out. The water is still a bit nippy, and I'm still quite pasty white.

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    There is nothing wrong with being pasty white. I'm starting to get tan lines. What do you call nippy?


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      ^^ It's 70 deg F. That's okay for a jumping in to cool off after a run, but it's not conducive to floating around on an inflatable pool raft.


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        Getting 70 degrees here can be a challenge since we have night time temperatures that can dip into the 40's all summer long. I had the hot tub shut down for some maintenance one time and had not yet drained it. One very hot day I just climbed into the 76 degree water to cool off and it took less than ten minutes before I was shivering.


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          It's time to close the pool. I put on my SCUBA gear to fix the bottom drain grating, which had come loose again. I had planned to do the job in my preferred style, but the water was in the 60s (Fahrenheit), so I quickly got out and put on a wetsuit.

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            When Lake Superior gets that warm we rejoice in it. It would take more than working in one spot to be comfortable in those temperatures. I'd believe that it was cool even in the wet suit.