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World Naked Bike Ride - 2021 Schedule

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  • World Naked Bike Ride - 2021 Schedule

    World Naked Bike Ride events are planned for several cities to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists everywhere and decry society’s dependence on fossil fuels for transport.

    The following website gives a list for World Naked Bike Ride events in several cities.

    The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) has been running strong since 2004. It’s an international clothing-optional event where participants plan, meet and ride together on their bikes to highlight the…

    The list on the website includes the following.

    - Chicago – August 14
    - Montreal – July 17
    - London – August 14
    - Los Angeles – Sept. 18
    - Portland (Oregon) – will not have a full-blown WNBR but instead will have Full Moon Rides on June 23, July 23 and August 22 (less people, one each month).
    - St. Louis – August 28
    - Toronto – June 12
    - Vancouver – is happening. Date TBA

    The website somehow missed Philadelphia's event, which is scheduled for August 28.

    The events in New Orleans (April 20) and San Francisco (April 24) have already passed.

    If you know of any other World Naked Bike Ride events, please list them in this thread.

    Note that it is possible to ride naked at most of these events since they fall under the category of protest speech, but this depends on the local police and courts. Some events may require face masks, and most encourage the use of bike helmets.

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    Madison WI is August 28


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      I wonder if the Phoenix one is ever going to happen It's been planned a 1000 times but never a go (as far as I know)