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A vain hope?

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  • A vain hope?

    Would society be better off if everyone shucked their clothes? Or do you think this is a vain notion?

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    No, it may be a vain hope, but people will be the same as they are now once they get accustomed to being naked. There would be many practical reasons for clothing even if living nude were the norm. We certainly could not handle winter without clothing, and as this is being written the temperature is a cool 58 degrees F. Yesterday at this time it was 48.


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      Yes, and Yes. It would be better off and it is a vain hope.
      People are people. Too many variables for such a simple solution.
      Sad, but true.


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        I think social nudism is gradually becoming more acceptable, as a result of changing social mores, but I dont think we will live in any kind of 'post-clothed' world any time in the future. It's simply not a realistic idea, due to many factors - the morally prudish / conservative, protection from the weather, fear of being sexually objectified, etc.