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Riding home from the beach naked

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  • Riding home from the beach naked

    Did any one of you when you were kids or are a kid nowadays or have kids ever after spending a day at the nude beach knowing that you are not going to make any stops wrap a towel around yourself and then once you got into the car removed the towel and sat on it for the ride home.

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    I still love driving naked!


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      I love driving naked. Been across the entire state of Nevada nude! As a kid, my parents weren’t nudists but we often drove home wrapped in a towel to get rid of wet and sandy swim trunks. I loved it then at 7 yrs old, maybe set my future for me


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        We did not ride home nude, but changed in the car.


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          I live in the province. For me, the beach is the shore of a forest lake. We have a lot of them. And it's almost impossible to get to them by car. So, being more at a young age, a bicycle was often used for this. There is nothing better than after a swim, to ride along a forest trail to the point when it is already impossible to do this without clothes. But, to be honest, I prefer walking more.