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  • EltonJ
    I was raised as a non-nudist. My dad would often say we wear clothes to hide our nakedness.

    However, becoming a nudist later in life (because of a pornography addiction), I often wondered what would have happened if I were raised nudist.

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  • NudonyII
    Certainly not me...but my first wife was one of the most striking examples of "mind-switch" I've known.

    When I first mentioned social nudity (while we were still dating), her response was a very decisive "never ever ever going to happen!" Her issue was not so much being nude with me; it was with being around naked people, and being naked around them. Her hang-ups were due to her upbringing and body-acceptance issues combined.
    Nonetheless she eventually agreed to going to a nudist resort with me; but choosing to remain covered up. She would make some exceptions if we were alone/isolated from other nudists. But always briefly.

    Her change in attitude was slow and progressive, as she became less resistant to being around nude people. We (surprisingly) managed to make some nudist friends, although at that point she was ok with them being naked around her, but not with her being nude around them. There were several circumstances leading to the "event" (that'll skip over for the sake of brevity); but on our second encounter with a friendly couple at a resort, my wife decided to not "hide from them" anymore. And in an instant she removed her sarong as they arrived. We all decided to sit by the pool, and she adjusted to being naked around many people (the resort was packed that day) surprisingly quickly.

    That changed everything for her. She "retired" her sarong, and established herself as "pro-nudity" by choosing to leave her clothes in the car and staying naked. As she became more involved in "nudist life" and activities, she befriended more and more and people; and eventually became a recognizable and well-liked person in the nudist community. She would also reach out to shy newbies and offer encouragement. She became an advocate for family and full-time home nudism. In short, she had become an avid, proselytizing nudist.

    I've often wondered why she decided to do a complete "switch" (obviously and unfortunately we are no longer together - due to circumstances outside of nudism - for me to ask her). I think she unexpectedly found social nudity an opportunity for her to "shine" (empowerment); and she liked the idea that she could impact people (she often would be the first person naked and the last to get dressed) as a sort of role model.

    Too bad more women don't feel the same way. It's very helpful for other women to see a peer being comfortable being naked around other people.

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  • ranul
    started a topic change sides

    change sides

    Is there any here that was against Nudity when they were younger but now is in favour of nudity