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it is a shame that parents make there kids where PJ's to bed

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  • it is a shame that parents make there kids where PJ's to bed

    It is a shame that parents make they kids where PJ's to bed when they don't want to some parents even whoop there kids for being naked in bed I think that if a parent makes a child where clothes in bed & whoops them for it DFACS should be called it goes against the child's 1 amendment rights the child has a right to where what he or she wants to where or not in bed it is up to that child bed preference one should take that a way from the child if I have kids I would give them a choice on what to where in bed SLEEPING NAKED IS NOT ALL A ADULT THING it is for every one including kids.

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    I agree that if a kid wants to be naked in bed or otherwise and the location allows it, it should be fine. However, kids do not have First Amendment rights. Parents have a lot of control over their children and rightly so. Can you imagine a world where the kids could do and say whatever they want? There are many occasions where the parents must choose and insist on what the child wears. Society also has dictates for clothing as well.


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      What would you do if you allowed your kid to sleep nude, but your kid is going to a sleepover where the family wears Pj,s


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        Depending on age and sleeping arrangements. However, I would say when in Rome... However, you could recommend to the child to take their clothes off under the sheets and keep them nearby when they need to get up, or simply ask the host. The same thing for the naked sleeper hosting a sleepover. Either take the clothes off when in bed or ask the friend whether he or she minds.

        Bob S.


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          I think that by the time a kid is old enough to have a sleepover, they're old enough to understand that people have pajamas and that they need to adapt. Same as them knowing most people wear swimsuits in pools