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getting a whoopin & getting punished for being naked as a kid by parents

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  • getting a whoopin & getting punished for being naked as a kid by parents

    how many of you got a whoopin & punished as a kid for being naked in your room or in the house in general.

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    Never for that. I take it you did?


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      No, I was never told not to go naked. I would go from the bath room to my bedroom totally nude and go to bed nude.
      In the summer I was allowed to be nude in my room.
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        I was raised by my mom's parents, alas, it turned out that way. I must say that I was not much hammered into a complex of shame for my own body. But, as in many normal families, of course, the limits of what was allowed were maintained. Which, due to my childish nihilism, I have always tried to overcome. One of the ways of this struggle was to resist certain principles in relation to clothing. In other words, I liked to flaunt naked. And this sometimes led to negative consequences. One of the highlights of such moments is when my grandfather decided to end this problem on the principle of "a wedge is knocked out by a wedge." He was my gamekeeper in a nature reserve. And I often spent time at his work in the summer because of idleness. And I sometimes played pranks with a romantic bent. I was pretending to be a forest nymph. Of course, there was nudity. Grandfather tolerated it. But one day he acted according to his concepts for edifying purposes. Allegedly, he decided to punish me. Once, after such a walk in the hunting lodge area, I came home. And I was sure that, as always, I would be home alone. But, it was a mistake. Grandfather brought his friends and work colleagues to the house. And to my indignation and demands to take out my sundress and shoes, he laughed and said that I would not get anything for my obstinacy. And if I like to flash my naked booty so much, then what problems do exist at all. I had no choice but to accept such a punishment.


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          Yes I was punished for trying to be naked as a child. As a teen, I was able to be naked in nearby woods because my parents didn't know