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people working on neighbours roof

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  • people working on neighbours roof

    You have a swimming pool or Hot Tub in the backyard, often nude when using it. When you notice that workers are putting shingles on the neighbour's roof, would you still use your hot Tub or Pool nude Fortunately for me, my hot Tub is enclosed, and you can not see it

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    Happened to me just last week. I was doing chores in the back and the neighbors had an AC company working on their AC. Yup, he caught a full view. Didn't bother me at all, and apparently didn't bother them either.


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      When I had a pool I would keep using it nude. Once a neighbor got a new drone and seemed to like to fly it when we'd be in the yard. I laughed hard and loudly when he crashed it into a power line. Never heard it flying around again.


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        well, not exactly a pool of course. More precisely, not a pool at all. Actually, my neighbors don't pay close attention to me anymore. More precisely, my pranks are not news to them. But this summer, I was vacationing with my sister in a country house. So, her neighbors arranged something like a renovation of their house. They decided to turn the attic into a living space. It was funny to watch their reaction when I sometimes allowed myself to walk naked in the yard, or appear on the veranda or in the window in one of the underwear sets.