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If I have kids should I let them sleep naked

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  • If I have kids should I let them sleep naked

    If I have kids should I let them sleep naked if they want to I don't have kids now but will have some one day this situation is eating at me I have been debating this in my mind for 10 years now can y'all give me some advice on the subject matter I need to know what to do now so when I do have kids I'll know what to do in that regard God bless y'all take now. Posted Nov. 5 2022 @ 9:57 PM
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    Of course, you should give them the option of Sleeping Nude or in their underwear or PJs or whatever they prefer to wear after they grow out of Diapers that is


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      although my kids never did sleep naked, I always gave them that option


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        try to sort yourself out. Think objectively. What is the purpose and reason of sleeping clothes? It seems that we live in quite comfortable conditions. Fresh bed linen. The ability to take a shower every day. Favorable temperature conditions at any time of the year. Finally, the ability to take sleep individually, I mean housing conditions. And most importantly! What difference does it make what you are wearing while sleeping? Does it somehow affect the rest of the soul and body? Or are you afraid that someone is interested in spying on how you are doing? Believe me! God absolutely does not care what you put on your children during the night. The main thing for him is what you have inside, not outside. After analyzing all this, I am sure you will come to the answer to your question on your own.