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Not going nude ona nude beach

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  • Not going nude ona nude beach

    What do you think of people that go to a nude beach and not go naked
    They are silly
    They are lurkers
    They are just building up the courage
    They are here because there friends are there

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    It could be ANYTHING. Yes, silly, and lurkers. But there could be an instance - let's say, a reluctant wife or girlfriend wears a swimsuit while her partner goes nude. That's commonplace on a nude beach, and even in a non-landed clothing optional gathering.

    I recall a few years ago, at the ENG in Eastover, one man from Vermont (married) came to the Gathering solo. Then over the winter he went to Naturist New Hampshire and his wife accompanied him, but wore a swimsuit (events are clothing-optional, not nude-mandatory). By the second NNH gathering she went nude.

    So be it. But many nudist sites mandate nudity in the pool/on the beach/in the hot tub, etc.


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      On my first visit to a nude beach, a group of women came, there must have been at least six of them. Only about half went nude and two just went topless. One wore her top too. The group dynamic could have been that those who were still covered were ok with nude friends, but not quite ready to dip their toe in that water.


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        Not so much silly, but the next three could all be combined. Lurkers, build up the courage and with friends, could all be related. That's how I was, not so much lurking, but trying to build the courage, which is exactly how it ended up. And yes, I took a friend also. I stripped, but he didn't.


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          Yeah, all these ideas can combine.

          The first time I was on a nude beach, I was with friends from my college dorm. Our group was co-ed. None of us went nude, but there were many others on the beach who were nude. We chose that beach because it was near the home of one of the members of our group. He probably knew that nudists would be there, but the rest of us didn't.

          As I stated, I didn't go nude that day, but it certainly put the idea in my mind. That beach changed my whole understanding regarding nudism. I had assumed nudism functioned on the principal of "I'll show mine if you show yours", but that quite definitely wasn't the attitude of the nudists on that beach. They were nude simply because it was a better way to enjoy the beach, and they didn't care who saw them. That day changed my attitude, and I went nude on a beach the next time I had the opportunity.


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            If someone came with me and they were not going to naked I might ask why


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              My wife joins me and only been topless because she knows I like going and she supports me. The last time we went, it was her first time at this particular beach and stated I could get undressed but she wanted to remain clothed with t-shirt and jean shorts. We even walked down the beach searching for shells like we usually do, but I know she was uncomfortable and I didn't push the issue with her. I was just glad that she went with me and allowed me to enjoy myself.