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    Your kid's friend is about 14-16 years old. The Beach is in town. He/she knocks on your door and asks to come in. Next time you go to the nude Beach, can I come with you. I could by myself, you say, but I really don't alone.
    " But what about going with your Parents."
    " They mind if I go, but they are not going with me. "
    The Beach is in town, and down many stairs, there would be nothing stopping the kid if he/she wants to go alone.

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    He/she might be able to go on their own - but if you enable or assist the child - you MIGHT face a "contributing to deliquency" charge.

    DON'T DO IT.


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      You would still need to talk to the parents. Even if you all agree, it would be good to get it in writing and signed by both parents.