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  • which would be stranger

    if not strange, what about my surprising
    Encountering someone that you work with at a nude beach
    Encountering someone that you meet at a nude beach at Work
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    Why should either scenario be strange? To a lot of us being nude is not strange. It is to other people too, and some of them may work at the same place that you do.


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      ^^ Yeah, I wouldn't call the experience strange. It is more like a pleasant surprise.


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        Which one one would surprise you the most walking down the beach and seeing one of your co workers walking down the beach towards you or getting introduce to the New guy at work realizing he is one of the guys you hang out with at the beach


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          I wouldn't call it strange but more surprised. Goes to show you both have one thing in common. At least you now know you have an equal at work that you can relate to and not hide the fact that you, as well as that person, both practice nudity.


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            I ran into a co-worker at our nudist resort. Tbh she had just quit a few weeks prior; which diminished the anxiety of possibly getting "outed" at work (not that either one of us would have).

            We go to a "nude-mandatory" resort; so we were both naked when we came face-to-face (I think I might have initially "ducked" if I'd seen her from a distance). It was more "surprise!" than strange. At first it was disbelief that we were both completely naked in front of each other, after having worked together all this time; but then a recognition that we were both nudists. It took "a moment" to adjust to being naked in front of each other; but once that moment had passed, we just got comfortable with this "new reality."

            We're actually really good friends now; and we meet up as much as we can at the resort; along with my wife and her husband.