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Why do we tend to be ashamed to be nudists?

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  • Why do we tend to be ashamed to be nudists?

    I have read many accounts of our reactions to running into someone we know at a nudist event or location. Most of them indicate that there is a worry that the other person now knows of our love for being clothes free, and sometimes the writing feels like we are ashamed of ourselves. We drive for hours to be at resorts or beaches just so others don't find out. We wall off our backyards not just to be in compliance of the law and local culture, but so the neighbors don't find out. We live away from neighbors in our country homes which were bought so we have a place to be nude without fear of being caught. What reasons do we have for this feeling?

    I have an open back yard in town. I can only be nude in the house or after dark. I have not done it for years now, but I can get to a secluded beach, but going to the beach alone is not much fun. In either case right now the mosquitos and biting flies make being outside while nude just that much more of me covered in insect repellent. The closest WNBR is a five hour drive, and it does not seem appropriate to use that much fossil fuel to protest the use of fossil fuels.

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    It isn't a matter of being ashamed. It's a matter of not wanting to get arrested.


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      Originally posted by Mosquito_Bait View Post
      It isn't a matter of being ashamed. It's a matter of not wanting to get arrested.
      I am of the not wanting trouble with the law attitude, but my question is really about encountering other naked people we know at a place nudity is customarily allowed; beaches, resorts, events, and such; and finding it to be embarrassing, even to the point of avoiding the other person.


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        I admit: when I first saw my co-worker at my nudist resort, my first instinct was to make a "run for it."

        It was a combination of things. I was concerned she might "freak out" about me seeing her naked, about being outed at work (and become a topic of amusement); and some measure of "social programming" (nudism and the "real world" don't mix very well - and she was a part of my "real world").

        But it was never really "body shame." As a matter of fact, when we established contact and realized "this is actually happening"; I did not have the instinct to cover up or change positions (I was sprawled out on my lounge chair at the time). She was naked and couldn't "hide"; so I felt that her also seeing me in the same "state" would send the message that I was there doing the same exact thing she was doing. "Leveling with her", so to speak.

        Of course, that's just me and I've been a nudist for a long time. I asked the question to my wife; who said she would have a completely different response, depending on the gender of the person. She would fear objectification and perhaps even harassment from a male acquaintance/colleague.


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          Not bragging, but I have the ability to be naked on a regular basis, both inside and outside the house. Granted, I cover with my skimpy wrap around in front of our Grandson, but I don't "run and hide" like I used to. He has seen me numerous times. When he's not home, I don't wear a thing. That aside, all of my neighbors know of my nudity as I'm sure they have seen me lots of times. The backyard is my sanctuary. I don't wear anything in the backyard and my workshop (garage) and the pool.
          As far as being ashamed, I cover in front of other people only because of them being uncomfortable. I don't have a problem being caught nude, but I'll cover for their discomfort. Yes, I have walked in from outside not knowing of having company. I casually excuse myself and get a pair of shorts.


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            It could be they don't want to be shunned


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              I've been watching the responses to this and scratching my head.

              I can think of two acquaintances I learned were nudists. In both cases, the fact that we shared an interest in nudism led to stronger friendships.

              My coworkers knew I am a nudist. There was an occasional joke about it, but I never feel shunned.

              My wife told some of her friends we were nudists. One friend refused to believe it. Another friend actually joined us at a nude beach.

              There is no shame, but we don't go nude in front of most of our friends as a matter of politeness and fear of arrest.


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                I haven't been ashamed. I don't care who sees me as long as I am not causing THEM distress