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    Is it a nude beach if Nudity is not Mandatory
    It is not really a Nude Beach unless Nudity is Mandatory
    As Long as I have option to go Nude then it is a nude beach

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    I'm not aware of any nude beach where nudity is mandatory.

    Nudity is mandatory at the swimming pools of many resorts, but that is a different situation since the resorts are private property.


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      I do recall one nude beach that existed on private property in the United States. That was Red White & Blue beach in California just north of Santa Cruz. There was a sign at the edge of the parking area that listed some rules. The sign probably listed the usual set of rules regarding campfires, dogs, and littering, but the one rule that stood out was illustrated with an ideogram of a couple in the missionary position with a red slash through it indicating that particular activity was prohibited. I'm certain there was no rule requiring nudity on the beach. I wish I had taken a photo of the sign. The following is my feeble attempt at recreating the ideogram based on memory.

      Click image for larger version

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      Red White & Blue Beach was closed to the public in 2008 and has since changed ownership.
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        The Vritomartis resort on Crete specifies on their website that nudity is mandatory on the resort's beach, but all beaches in Greece are public. The resort does not control access to the beach and has no authority to enforce a rule requiring nudity on the beach.