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Other Benefits of Naturism

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  • Other Benefits of Naturism

    Oh, there should be more benefits to naturism. Corky was right though, Naturism does help self esteem. But are there any other benefits than the basics?

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    For my wife, "self-esteem" is not even on the list.

    Her number one is the connection between us when we're naked together in nature; away from home and all the related responsibilities.
    Her number two is her personal connection with her body and nature; lounging out in the sun with no textile constrictions, or the "floaty" feeling she gets when swimming nude. Which boosts the level of relaxation she feels.


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      You aren't stuck wearing soggy clothes after swimming or running.
      You don't get sand trapped inside your swimsuit at the beach.
      If you arrive at a nudist beach and didn't bring a swimsuit, it's not a problem.
      About the only disadvantage is you don't have a pocket for your keys.