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Strange Topfree arrest in Ohio

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    "We don't know the context in which he exposed his breasts."

    Kirk, I could go out to an area of the city that is popular with prostitutes, wear a shirt that only exposed my nipples, along with some leather skin-tight pants and act in a way that is questionable. I still couldn't be charged (at least successfully) with indecent exposure for showing my nipples.

    This is like the bill that caused the VA legislature a lot of publicity this past year. The bill was aimed at fining anyone wearing pants that "lewdly" esposed their undergarments. The problem with the bill was that no one could be charge with any lewd crime for wearing just their underwear so it would be unenforceable.

    No one in Ohio can indecently expose their breasts. And more importantly, no male can do that anywhere in this country (or most, if not all countries in the world). That makes the charges of indecent exposure inane and just plain wrong.

    "We do not yet know if a crime occurred or not."

    As far as the charges that have been reported and the description of the arrest, no crime has occurred except for possibly false arrest. Kirk, you even suggeted that unless the police catch someone in the act, they can't charge them with prostitution or being a john.

    So we know he was out at 1am in a questionable area of town. He was shirtless. He was arreted and the only charge we know about was indecent exposure. The only part of the anatomy exposed or talked about were his breasts, which were womanly. It matters not what the other charges are yet. Unless he showed his penis or butt, he could not have been charged with IE.

    Bob S.


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      Originally posted by Naturist Mark:
      Originally posted by KirkOntario:

      We don't know that. We don't know the context in which he exposed his breasts.

      It doesn't matter what the context is. Exposure of your breasts in OHIO is never never ever indecent exposure. It might be some other crime (solicitation?) but it CAN NOT BE indecent exposure. That is the law. Period.


      Show me the case and the level of court and I may agree with you after I read it. What the facts are may matter here and we simply have almost no facts, no context.


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        you know there really needs to be a topic about this kinda thing. not the trans but the boys deeloping -larg- breasts. it would seem that this IS a common thing but not to such an extent as to have a secenerio like i described