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Trump or Biden? Which candidate do you think will help protect nudists the most?

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    Movements like "Free the Nipple" can set the legal context first at state then federal levels. That is essentially a matter of removing the legitimacy for "community choice" to impose gender discrimination via local ordinances. Gender equality by law sets a standard for social civility and safety (desexualization) when people are equally minimally clothed in public. Biden wins on this but he'll need to "pack the Court" to assure that guaranteed tolerance trumps localized intolerance.

    The real motor for change in attitudes is of course with teachers at primary and middle school levels educating kids about gender equality and mutual respect -- not incidently a fundamental tenet of naturism. Current gender stereotypes are really just a form of genderized bullying that require relentless teaching of alternative gender models. Biden wins on priority support for education over stockholder value.

    Only when women and men feel equally safe and unhassled at the beach with just their genitals equivalently covered will the stage be set for the general public noticing that removing the last bit of polyester not only does not increase vulnerability, but is actually comparatively comfy. Getting to that point however is a process, so interim arrangements are needed, like tolerence at the left end of every beach for those who have already internalized naturist values of fabric-neutral mutual respect, and then increasing dresscodes to the right. The Democrats are more used to organizing a "big tent" of diverse groups, so Biden probably wins on protecting nudists in this respect as well.


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      Passive simple public nudity needs a proposition to be voted on to eliminate “Lewdness” from any complaint in any legal charges being filed.


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        This meme is being passed around on Facebook today. It is completely wrong. If he even goes down to the beach, he will be wearing a business suit.

        Click image for larger version

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