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The US Government and Public Nudity

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  • The US Government and Public Nudity

    If the government thinks there is something wrong with public nudity and the human form, well, they are HARROWINGLY and ALARMINGLY MISTAKEN! Being naked for R&R is totally different than sexuality, and people need to open their eyes and wake up!

    Make Public Nudity Legal in the United States | MoveOn

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    It is not the U.S. government that thinks there is something wrong with nudity. After all it is We, the People who comprise our government. The laws against nudity are for the most part state and local and if we want to change the places where we can enjoy being nude outside of our homes, it is up to us to petition our governments. It may take a petition drive, or attendance at community government meetings, and possibly putting things to a vote at the next general election. Most people will not open their eyes and wake up because they are afraid of what they will see.


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      I would like it if you would please, share this link!


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        It's not clear what the intent is with this petition. If the idea is to be able to enjoy social nudism / outdoors nude recreation, then our best bet is to ensure legal protection for naturist resorts, beaches, and the like. There have been recent legal issues / pushback against some naturist beaches, due to some users engaging in lewd activity at them. Even if you are ok with public nudity in theory, the actual practice of it could be problematic. What if a mentally unstable person decided to stroll down Main Street in the buff at rush hour? Even if some folks would be OK with it, it would likely ruffle many folks' feathers. I once witnessed a man walking stark naked down a widely-used street in Manhattan, and the guy looked pretty deranged. He was moving very quickly, and seemed either outright crazy or high on something. The woman I spotted calling the cops on him didn't seem to approve of his behavior, too much.