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My Resignation from NAC

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  • My Resignation from NAC

    To my Naturist friends and associates ...

    Today I tendered my full and final resignation to the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) and by extension to the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF). A published statement to members of TNSF from Nicky Hoffman in the current published edition of "N" Magazine affirmed my long-held understanding of current conditions regarding these organizations, and also filled-in a number of blanks that had eluded me, thus solidifying this decision.

    I never thought such a day would come in my life, but it has, effectively ending nearly 30 years of dedicated service to NAC and its mission. In my humble opinion this is a devastating situation.

    I have taken the extraordinary measure to provide a copy of the statement from Nicky Hoffman regarding the dissolution of the relationship between NAC/NEF and TNS/F at the following link at my Google Drive. It is a PDF file but will display in any web browser or cell phone. This is from N-Magazine, Volume 40-4, Summer 2021, Pg1. It is an important read.

    A copy of my resignation letter to the NAC & NEF Boards is available at the following link and can be viewed in any web browser, tablet, or cell phone as well. This includes my own experiences and observations for consideration.

    Dennis K.
    Former On-Line Rep, NAC
    Member TNS (1980 when founded)
    Life Member TNS/F
    Sept 6, 2021

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    Sorry to hear that Dennis


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      Can you tell us more about the critical issues the NAC and NEF are facing?

      From the resignation letters, I understand the organizations have become less democratic and that there are disputes over decision making processes and control of access.

      Most nudists are less interested about the inner workings of the organizations than they are about the organizations' advocacy for nude recreation. My understanding is that there are conflicts of interests regarding where resources are expended - privately owned nudist resorts versus nudity on public beaches. Are there other burning issues.

      Thank you in advance,


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        Sad events for much needed organizations, but alas, it’s not unusual. Stay naked!