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Nantucket beaches voted to go topless

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  • Nantucket beaches voted to go topless

    All Nantucket beaches will be topless for women if the measure that passed is codified by a positive agreement by the state attorney general.

    Bob S.
    The measure was passed with a vote of 327-242 at the annual Town Meeting on Tuesday night. Read more at

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    When they pass to change the rules are they going to post on the beaches or just print it in the paper and some time in the future some topless woman will have to explain to a cop that she is allowed to be topless


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      While the town passed a rule to allow topfree usage on its beaches, it requires permissions of the state attorney general due to the fact that the town policy may run contrary to the state's laws on nudity and exposure.

      The current AG (a woman) is currently in top spot to be the state's next governor and first elected woman. While women have served as governor they ascended to the slot due to a governor stepping down and they carried out the rest of the term. Also, she is the first openly gay woman to run for this office. She is very popular from her role as the AG and a consumer advocate so she may to want to upset that apple cart right now.

      If the AG permission is not obtained before this legislative session ends at the end of August, it will carry over to the next session with new people in new elected positions.

      Bets guess here as a resident of MA, not all beaches on Nantucket will see topfree access. I'd expect them to designate one or more even if the vote, which was not a high majority, said all beaches should be available.

      There are technical hurdles yet to be overcome.


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        Attorney General , and Governor-Elect Maura Healey approved the "topfree for Nantucket" statute. The statute covers ALL beaches on the island, the town ordinance states that..

        However, people should note = top-free bathing has been legal in MANY spots in New England - including all state beaches in New Hampshire and all beaches in Maine. While legal, women have not overwhelmingly embraced the concept.

        While some in the community were concerned about the gawker factor, economics and geography by their nature on Nantucket, prevent a lot of "lookie loos", anyway.

        A bylaw amendment that Nantucket voters approved in May has been given the green light by the attorney general's office. The bylaw allows anyone to go topless on public or private beaches on the island, where celebs and other vacationers come to unwind every summer.