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Nantucket and MA Beaches - Improper Notification

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  • Nantucket and MA Beaches - Improper Notification

    Hopefully someone at will see this.

    I just received this notification from ClothesFree...
    It is now legal to be topless at many beaches in Massachusetts. - New Show. It is now legal to be topless at many beaches in Massachusetts. Girl explains why she’s skis naked in the snow. Nudists who only eat fruit say body odor is gone. Donnie Wahlberg And Jenny McCarthy go nude for the holidays. Plus more. Show China Treats Internet Addicts Sternly Members who signed up or renewed before December 10, 2021 are expiring today. More…

    Sorry... this is not correct and could expose people to legal issues. This is not responsible.

    I live in MA and have been following this story.

    Earlier this year the Town (island) of Nantucket, MA. considered opening its beaches to women's topfree usage. This was heard at a town meeting after a resident who characterizes herself as a sex educator and who is also a marketing professional managed to get the issue on the docket.

    While this resolution passed, it was only by a slim majority. This is subject to review at next year's town meeting for reconsideration.

    In order for this resolution to take effect, permission had to be obtained by the State Attorney General, since there exists wording within the state's nudity laws that can also include the female breast. The current attorney general is a woman and was just recently elected to be our next governor.

    However, while this dispensation has been awarded, the town now needs to review this and determine which beaches may have this designation.

    The dispensation DID NOT open all Nantucket Beaches to topfree usage. This is yet to be determined by the town itself.

    Further, this does not extend to "many beaches" within the state as presented in this notification. Topfree access to MA beaches remains an infraction of the state's nudity laws and has yet to be fully adjudicated on any grounds such as equality of the genders, etc.

    ClothesFree.Com needs to repeal this misleading notification, study the case, and re-release a properly worded statement.

    To be clear here, while the town did receive dispensation to allow topfree usage, it has not completed the process regarding which beaches will be topfree, and all statutes against this remain in place until further action by the town is taken. There is also a risk that at the next town meeting this could be repealed. The margin to pass was very small.


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    Thank you for posting this. Quite often, people make assumptions that nudity or top-freedom is OK in certain areas, when in fact, it is NOT. There were conflicts and problematic situations in Vermont - where people assumed "oh there's no state law against nudity, so I can go nude anywhere"... only to run afoul of local ordinances which many towns have implemented.