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    In partnership with the Lifesaving Society, and in compliance with Alberta Health Services, when bathing in a public pool, swimwear must be suitable for general participation in bathing and must not impair swimming skills. Swimwear may be made of different types of fabric as long as it does not put a user’s health at risk or interfere with pool water quality.

    In the case of patrons who, for personal reasons, cannot expose a part of their body, a modified version of traditional swimwear must be permissible as an alternative. For example, acceptable alternative swimwear could include footless tights, gymnastic leggings, tight-fitting undershirt, a tight-fitting hood that covers the head and neck with wide openings for the face, tight-fitting sweater or pants, or a wetsuit.

    Burkinis and rash guards are examples of acceptable alternative swimwear as face and neck are uncovered and fabric is tight-fitting enough to not interfere with swimming skills. Hands and feet can move freely and there is an additional element of hygiene if hair is covered.

    All swim apparel must be clean and brought to the facility for the purpose of swimming.

    Prior to entering the pool, all patrons are required to take a cleansing shower in their swim apparel.

    All patrons are permitted to go topless in City operated pools if they so wish.

    Notice the last rule? I know it is not quite being able to go naked, but it is a step in the right direction ​

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    It may be a step in the right direction, but so far where toplessness is allowed, women have been reluctant to exercise that freedom. It will probably take groups of women using facilities like this while topless for it to become common place. It will also take men behaving like mature adults instead of hormone active teenagers as well. However, I feel I am preaching to the choir. When will be get to the idea that a patch of fabric that barely covers the nipple and areola is acceptable, but a bared breast is not?
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      Originally posted by nudeyooper View Post
      It may be a step in the right direction, but so far where toplessness is allowed, women have been reluctant to exercise that freedom.
      As was said in the movie "Inglorious Basterds",

      "THAT'S A BINGO!"

      In my neck of the woods, top-freedom for women has been legally in place in Maine, and in New Hampshire (on state property - which includes all beaches on the seacoast) for a number of years now.

      But before one books a vacation to Hampton Beach or Ogunquit to check out the women, be advised that it is not, in practice, a commonplace thing. And it may NEVER become commonplace.


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        One nudist group is planning on taking advantage of this
        Good evening everyone.
        We caused quite a stir in Edmonton with our posting of the City of Edmonton’s rule about topfree swimming, didn’t we…
        Now it’s time to do something about it. On March 4, we are gathering a group of ladies, and their significant others, who’d like to go swimming topfree at a city pool during public swimming.
        Location and time will not be given out on the main page as we don’t want detractors of this activity showing up and causing a problem.
        Ladies. If you’d like to send a friend request to Sandy, she will add you to the private Ladies Only page. It is a private page, so no one can see that you have joined it. Blank profiles will not be accepted.
        Come join us and let your voice be heard for equal rights!


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          This is the way to promote acceptance for top freedom. Like so many things, individuals can make a difference, but a group working for the same cause will make more noise. And that noise should be, "Ladies, you have the right to be here without a top on, come try it and you are most likely going to enjoy it."
          The next step might be to get some of those pools designated clothing optional, even if only for certain days of the week or hours of the day.