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Neighbor spying on you

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  • Neighbor spying on you

    has this ever happened to you? A neighbour spying on you and then calling the cops to complain about you being naked . Would it make any difference if there were children involved on either side?

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    Dude, again with the kids in the situation. You're just a creep Hoss and need counseling


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      The main question had to do with adults spying on you.


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        I'd be fine with the spying. I think it rather amusing, but calling the authorities, crosses the line. I don't care about who sees me naked as long as there is no fuss made of it.


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          We had a new neighbor that moved in several years ago. His kids would make snide comments, but not rude. One day while cleaning the pool, the man yelled at me and apologized for his kids comments. I was on the deck (above ground pool with shorts on) I told his it didn't bother me. That told me that the kids have seen me several times (I'm always naked in the backyard). To this day, I'm still naked while in the back.
          As far as the shorts goes, I'll wear them whenever I'm on the pool deck because other non-adjoining neighbors have a full view. That said, on very hot days, I'll even jump out of the pool and stay naked even on top of the deck, But it's only from the pool and down the steps to the patio.


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            somehow it's not accepted in our country, and it's humiliating enough to rat on the neighbors. As for this particular issue, the neighbors treat my quirks with understanding, and even with genuine interest and approval.