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Is nude swimming legal?

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  • Is nude swimming legal?

    Can anyone give me some legal and not-so-legal advices in my following case?

    I swim naked (lap exercise) three times a week in the gym and have been doing this for quite sometimes.

    I can swim naked (without wearing my swimsuit) because usually there was no one swimming at the time. Timing is the essence here.

    Second, even though there was a pool-guard, he (a student) was usually being occupied with his computer or reading his books.

    I am sure the pool-guard could see me swimming naked if he wanted to. But so far he has never mentioned anything about it, even though when we chatted after my swim exercise.

    My questions here are:
    - Is it legal to swim naked in the gym?
    - What could happen if other people see me swim naked there?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.

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    Check the rules of the gym first. You could may be come to an agreement with the gym and get some nude time in the pool.


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      The municipal pool where I used to swim had a sign which read, "Proper swimming attire is reccommended."

      I never challenged them by disregarding their reccommendation, but we noticed that it did not say it was required.

      There is an old rule that anything not specifically prohibited is allowed. Keep swimming naked until someone tells you to cover up. No problem.



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        There's another old rule that says that it's easier to get forgiveness than to get permission. Part of what that means is that, when you ask permission, the person in authority has to give an answer that supports official policy, whether he/she agrees with the policy or not.

        If the lifeguard is at all doing his job, he already knows that you're swimming nude. He has chosen not to make an issue of it. If you ask permission, he'll have to support whatever policy they have.

        So keep doing what you're doing, quietly and without attracting attention. If someone does challenge you, be quick to apologize and assure them that, now that it has been called to your attention, you'll follow their rules. Otherwise you might be banned from the pool.


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          Sounds like very good advise luvnaturism.


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            Following luvnaturism’s logic, you also gain plausible deniability should you have a complaint filed against you by some other swimmer who might encounter you naked. You can simply point to the fact that the life guard and attendants never told you not to swim naked. You’ll get one pass for that. Of course, if State law forbids it, you may be in trouble. Look up State Code at:

            Happy Skinnydipping.


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              Another adage which seems to apply here is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!".



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                Originally posted by Bobx23456:
                The municipal pool where I used to swim had a sign which read, "Proper swimming attire is reccommended."
                But skin IS proper swimming attire!!

                Pete Knight


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                  If the lifeguard is at all doing his job, he already knows that you're swimming nude.
                  It is almost certain that the lifeguard knows that you are nude. Since you swim nude three times a week, it is all the more convincing that he sees you nude. Your timing for a swim when no one else is in the pool is an important factor in deflecting any complaints.

                  Lifeguards are stationed above the water in such a way that they can look down and scan everyone in the water.

                  Since you are swimming laps, your body would not be entirely beneith the water and the lifeguard could clearly see your skin, and that you do not have on swim trunks.

                  I bet that you slip your trunks off while you are in the water and lay them in a small bundle along-side the pool.


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                    maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to do the backstroke!


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                      I would be concerned.

                      It is not fair, but one day, if a woman, or worse, a woman with a child sees you and calls authorities, you could face legal problems.

                      That could even lead to being on some sort of sexual predator list. I am not saying this is right, it is wrong, but in this age of paranoia, possible.

                      I would ask the management in the gym in writing if you want to swim nude. If you don't get permission, I would not take the risk.


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                        You are lucky that you are always alone in that pool.

                        I find your story a little hard to believe because, at least here in Quebec, the gyms do not open their swimming pool at hours when the demand is low. At what hour do you go to that pool?

                        Of course the danger depends also on the hour you are in the swimming pool. If it is around midnight, the kids are supposed to be sleeping, and the night croud tends to be more relax.

                        In gay saunas, there is often a swimming pool where you can swimm naked without problem. It is more expensive than the gym, but you can make a deal with the manager.

                        Another idea would be if you have a friend with a swimming pool in a discret area.


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                          I wouldn't do this unless I had permission. Could be that the life guard is letting you do this when he isn't really permitted to let you swim nude.

                          You have to ask yourself if you are ready and willing to accept any trouble this might cause for yourself.


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                            I would think that the very worst thing that would happen is that you would be asked to put a suit on if they have not done so already. BTY, which gym is this-as a former Marylander I can not begin to imagine which one of the gyms would allow this to happen-clearly I belonged to the wrong one when I liver there!


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                              Where the pool guard has not said a word the law of silence takes precideice. Especially where this has been the case for some time.

                              Is this pool on pirvate property and owned by private enterprise? Or is this owned by local or state government? All that will make a bearing on such decision.

                              Would be good to look into but yet again would be good to document every time you went nude and every time you were nude talking to the pool guard.

                              One has to ask what a jury would think and decide. The more evidence to your favor the better favorable results to your favor will be.