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  • Possible future career implications

    Hello all. This is my first post.

    I am an undergraduate teacher candidate at a state university. Is it all possible that my affiliation with AANR or my participation in the naturist lifestyle will have any legal ramifications on my future career in the public sector?

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    Hello all. This is my first post.

    I am an undergraduate teacher candidate at a state university. Is it all possible that my affiliation with AANR or my participation in the naturist lifestyle will have any legal ramifications on my future career in the public sector?


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      From our experience and from the shear numbers of people in your profession, that are nudists, I'd have to say No, you shouldn't have a problem being affiliated with AANR or your participation in the naturist lifestyle.

      That isn't a guarantee. Depending on your location in the U.S., any language in your contract, or if they, administration, just doesn't like you, they may make life miserable but I doubt you could be fired because you belong to AANR.

      The only way they'll know you live a naturist lifestyle is if someone tells them. I still don't think University administrators are going to worry to much about someone who doesn't wear clothes at home or vacations at naturists venues, with all the other issues they've got to deal with.

      My wife is an English Professor and a member of AANR and TNS. That has never been an issue or a stumbling block for her advancement at the college she is a faculty member of. I think there are many more like us in those ranks.

      Fire & Prof


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        It all depends on whom you work for and whom you tell. If you have a supervisor or manager that’s a religious nut job, you may be in trouble. Fortunately, they rarely make it to high-level management. Oops, forgot about Bush...there's always an exception. But seriously, keep it to your self. Even with those at work you may feel close to. You never know when they may want to "expose" you for their own gain. If, on the other hand, you participate in a nudist activity with someone you work with, you should be OK. How could they point you out if they were there too? Won't work. I would avoid nudist license plate frames, bumper stickers…etc if they’re seen at work. Off duty and on your own time, be wary of where you go and whom you go with. If you’re a teacher and a bunch of your students hang out naked at the beach with you, or see you naked around them…big problems are not far behind. They will talk. The general public only thinks what the TV tells them to think, and any news will be negative, silly and degrading, no matter what the situation was.

        You mentioned legal problems. There are only “legal” problems if you get arrested for indecent exposure. Nudists avoid this by staying in areas traditionally used for nude recreation, and/or exercising extremely good judgment. If you were to get fired for being a nudist, you could probably sue for wrongful termination, but think of the press. You will lose even if you win.

        If you ever intend on running for public office, forget it. In today’s environment, your affiliation with a nudist group would absolutely kill you. Again, the people only listen to the TV, and the “news” organizations would make you look like a nut-job. The higher the office, the worse it gets.

        I know about this stuff because I live it. If the wrong people found out about my affiliations with INA/TNS/AANR, I would be investigated, interrogated, boiled, chopped into bits and then fired. The “Company” I work for has no sense of humor that I am aware of. But the pay and benefits are excellent. We all make compromises. However, I still spend every possible moment away from work completely nude.


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          In the US most public school teachers are unionized, which offers them a good deal more protection against unjust dismissal for activities like nudism that are not illegal. Indeed most public employees are protected by either union representation or civil service procedures. In my experience government employees are well represented among nudists, particularly teachers, police, and firefighters.



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            Unfortunately it is, some employers DO background checks on potential employees private activities, by simple websearches. And for them, naturism may not be as innocent as we like it to believe it is.

            Generally, I would be quite careful leaving information on the net that can be used to trace back to you, that includes names, email adresses, dates of births. We may have nothing to hide, but that doesn't mean we should leave the door open for potential misuse or abuse. That is the world we live in.


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              I assume the potential exists for somebody to hone an axe. But nudity is NOT illegal and people from ALL walks of life go nude at resorts. From teachers to astronauts. I wouldn't make too much of it, publicly. ( Well, I don't hide it and it hasn't stopped anybody from hiring me, that I know of.)


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                A friend of mine will shortly be graduating and then become a teacher at High School level teaching 12-16 year olds. She is fully aware of the background checks that take place today and she has no problem really with this however as she is a nudist she knows that it must never be known to those within her profession and will never run the risk of being recognised as a nudist.

                Even over here in the UK we are quite liberal, but the stigma of being a nudist whilst having certain careers especially within goverment sector workers is deemed not to be acceptable.


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                  Von first off welcome to the forum.

                  It should not matter about your ties with AANR but with today's climate of hyper-hysteria over anything and everything who knows?

                  I mean having Whooping Cough as a toddler constitutes child abuse these days and since you were a victim of abuse you're an abuser and therefore not a good employment risk ... This actually was the reason for not hiring someone recently in the Social Services field. Sheeesh!


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                    For many government jobs the applications will offer space for you to declare anything not covered elsewhere in the application which you feel may bear on the decision to hire you. This might be a good space to list your affiliations (if any) and provide the briefest possible explanation of what level of involvement you maintain. HERE'S WHY: Many companies hold honesty and personal integrity in high regard, or at least they claim to with corporate philosophy statements and codes of ethics. And if it is later determined that you willfully omitted a detail from your application, regardless of WHAT detail was omitted, that alone may be grounds for termination. Especially if you will be working in sensitive positions such as teacher, daycare worker, counselor, etc.; possibly with youth as in your case.

                    It seems that certain behaviors do not necessarily "bar" a person from consideration; like past recreational drug experimentation. But if you outright lie and say, "No, I never have" and get caught later, that in and of itself is cause for termination.