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    Hi, we just got our order of 5. They are great, thanks so much for helping us spread the great news of nudity.


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      I received my order today. Just wanted to say thanks again Doc/Fresh Air.

      BTW, one of you guys writes like a doctor.


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        [This post was also posted in "Commerical Announcements" Re: Live Naked Wristbands Goes International.]

        My order was delivered today. If it doesn't fit or you don't like it on your wrist, it fits well on your ankle. [Live Naked Ankle Band][See image below]

        Maybe you started something, with this "Live Naked" Band. [I left the wrist out on purpose] It can be worn at other places you guys, it should fit well and be about the right size. It’s very pliable and adjustable.

        Not letting your minds wander is this "Live Naked" promotion, decoration, or attention for nudists and naturists, or a multipurpose band of many "Live Naked" uses or purposes mentioned in previous posts in this forum.

        Rings/bands Mentioned in other Forum Posts

        Any other uses you can think of?

        * A canned drink paper towel insulator/cooler holder band.

        * A promotion band to hold your cigarettes and lighter together, or purse, cell phone etc.

        * Place holder for napkin silverware at a nude or regular dinner or gathering.



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          by Nues:
          BTW, one of you guys writes like a doctor.

          As you might have guessed by now, the Doc and Fresh Air are twin brothers. Here is another news flash. Both of them are inturns and
          would-be future doctors. Sawdust


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            Yeah, I've picked up on that through their posts. I just wanted to give them a little jab. I'm sure they will make fine doctors one day.


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              The wristband could also be used to hold your car keys secure to you when you have no pockets to place them in(nude of course). Just another great use.


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                Christmas is coming! Use them to decorate your tree then let your friends and family take one home with them as a gift.

                I'll be wearing mine when I run the New York marathon on Sunday 11-6-05



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                  Wife has nothing to say on this or any forum. But she did place an order like I feared.


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                    I've got mine now too. Very nice!

                    It is hard to read the printing on them in their 'bare' form. But since the printing is recessed into the band it is very easy to color them - and it won't rub off. Use a color fine point 'sharpie' or similar marker for a great effect.



                    • Naturist Mark,

                      Yeah, that was the trade off for being clear that we didn't know about ahead of time. Though, it allows one to be a little more subtle in public if they so choose. The coloring thing is a great idea.



                      • Frank,

                        My deepest appologies.



                        • ...and about the doctor writing. It wasn't ME!

                          Sam? ...have you been scribbling again?

                          Actually, mines probobly worse than Sam's. Thank goodness for the digital revolution.