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Could Britney Spears have made a good clothesfree spokesperson?

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  • Could Britney Spears have made a good clothesfree spokesperson?

    Whaoh...I posted this question yesterday and then it disappeared. Was it deleted or was CFF having some technical issues yesterday? It was a long post too...

    I'll sum it up. Britney Spears was once again sighted hanging out in the locker room of a Hotel in L.A...topfree. What we've heard (or seen) about Britney so far is:
    - She's been known to go completely nude while taking breaks between dance rehearsals.
    - She frequently goes nude at home.
    - She believes that being nude around her kids is natural.
    - She prefers to go underwear-free.
    - She'll go nude or topfree whenever/wherever she can.

    My question was: notwithstanding the head-shaving, hit-and-run incident and courtroom drama, if Britney was to publicly endorse clothesfreedom, would it have a positive, negative, or no effect at all? Someone mentionned that nudism could use a modern spokesperson. Could Britney fill Diane Webber's shoes for this generation?

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    I'm gona go with "that's a bad idea".


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      Originally posted by GrayWolf View Post
      I'm gona go with "that's a bad idea".
      Why, just because she is getting bad press at the moment, if she went public it would clear up some of her issues and give nudism a higher profile, Britney and nudism go public together!!

      Pete Knight


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        Originally posted by Pete Knight View Post
        Why, just because she is getting bad press at the moment, if she went public it would clear up some of her issues and give nudism a higher profile, Britney and nudism go public together!!

        Pete Knight
        Either you guys are being WAY sarcastic, and I'm not getting it, or else we're going to need a poll to convince me that she would be a good role model for nudism. Bring it on!


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          Got to go with GrayWolf on this on.

          There are a number of other 'celebrities' that would make for a better spokesperson and or model for Nudism to the modern generation.

          And no, it is not because of the 'bad press' she is receiving at the moment as to why I think so ... it is more the entirety of who she is - she just does not come across well. I can't and won't pinpoint it, but 'it' isn't there in her.

          As to who would be better? Christina, Alicia, Shakira, possibly ... all have no issues with nudism and carry less baggage than does Britney.

          I think it will be someone who is relatively unknown at the moment that would step up to be the next 'Diane'.


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            Originally posted by Nudony View Post
            ...if Britney was to publicly endorse clothesfreedom, would it have a positive, negative, or no effect at all?
            Well, it would effect her CD sales. And her public arrearances if there was buzz about getting a peak. That'll help her out, but do nothing for any of us by extension.

            I think the best endorsers of nudism are people like Helen Mirren, Jack Nicholson and others who appear nude in natural situations on the big screen. The idea is to get the practice of nudism as common and accepted among the masses. "No big deal, seen it all before."

            Britney Spears will be a nobody in a short time. She already had dropped into oblivion and only recently popped back in the public eye.


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              How can you argue with somebody named "Lamont Cranston".

              But, is one of my big time heros, Jack Nickelson, (or however it's spelled) really a nudist? Tell me more.



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                I agree. Helen Mirren is a much better nudist spokesperson because she is articulate, highly intelligent and her numerous nude scenes speak for themselves. But when Helen Mirren speaks of nudism, how many people are listening? How broad is her fan base, especially here in the U.S? How many people have seen her movies, let alone know she is a nudist?

                Suppose Britney Spears appeared on a "serious" talk show (not the Tonight Show or the View). Suppose she was dressed fairly conservatively and did not have a piece of gum in her mouth. Suppose she had trained herself to speak more eloquently, described her childhood, that her family members were often nude around each other while growing up, that she developped a healthy view of the nude body, and that she believes that family members and people in general should be able to be nude around each other without shame. And that she wishes the media didn't confuse her comfort with nudity with the unrelated "bizarre" behavior she has become infamous for.
                Now. How many people would be so surprised at her sudden declaration and articulation that they at least would pause and think about it? How many blogs across the country would be filled with comments about her speech? How many discussions about it at the workplace during coffee breaks? How many people would actually come out and say: "You know what, I still think she's nuts; but what she said did make some sense to me"? How many people who don't even know about "Nude and Natural" would rush to the newstands if they knew there was an in-depth, follow-up article by Britney herself about her experiences with social nudity? Sure, there wold be a fair amount of creepy curiosity involved in the whole affair. But it would probably get a discussion going around the whole country.

                Of course, these are all unlikely hypotheticals (Britney suddenly becoming articulate, yeah right!) But my point is this: what we need is something/someone to get a discussion going in every household in the country. There are a lot of people out there who secretely agree with the notion of family or home-nudity. Getting a conversation going would help them IMHO voice their opinion. It's too late for Britney anyway, her credibility is destroyed. But we can always hope that Christina Aguilera, after having her first child, will come out and say: "We love to spend our time nude as a family at home, and we always invite our visiting family and friends to join us." One can always hope...


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                  Having Britney Spears as a nudist role model would be a mistake at the present time. She is getting bad media press for a very good reason. Until she fixes herself up and becomes a responsible person(drugs, etc), then she should not be used at all to be our mouth piece.

                  There would have to be others that are much more suited, umm, cleaner in moral behaviour than Spears. There has to be.


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                    Ha, ha, ha !!! Good Joke ...

                    As there is no evidence that Britney Spears can actually speak out coherently on anything, one would have to question the wisdom of using her as a spokesperson on any issue...

                    Only last week there were reports of her ranting and raving in her latest court appearance..

                    Do you want nudism/naturism associated with cocaine and ecstacy, public flashing, trashy dressing, child neglect, and young adults behaving like spoilt brats who believe they are above and outside laws, rules, morals and ethics ?


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                      I think Britney needs to get her act together before she can be a good spokesperson for anything.


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                        No. I know I wouldn't want her representing nudism to the general population. Reasons have already been given. There would be much better choices.


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                          Well, Nacktman suggests someone relatively unknown could be more likely to be successful at becoming a spokesperson for nudism/naturism.

                          Melanie, one of the nudecasters, was suggested as a possibility for the position having had a role in "Cattle Call" I think it was. Any other suggestions?

                          Although volunteers would be better than naming people who aren't interested in doing it. Any volunteers? With family? Children, spouse, parents, siblings, etc? We want to show it's good for the whole family, I should think.

                          And as has been pointed out, very little baggage.


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                            Britney should stick to singing, or whatever she is trying to accomplish on stage these days.
                            We need a spokes person who is well respected by many, and not one to bring negative attention us all.


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                              Bunsunr hits the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned. The key word here is respect. Britney doesn't command it.