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Were/are your parents nudists?

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  • Were/are your parents nudists?

    This poll is an attempt to determine more precisely than my previous poll how many nudists are nudists due to upbringing.

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    This poll is an attempt to determine more precisely than my previous poll how many nudists are nudists due to upbringing.


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      While strickly speaking, my parents were not nudists, nudity was not unusual in the house. For example, after a bath or shower it was not unusual to walk back to our respective bedrooms nude. And, as I have stated in other threads, when I told my parents just what kind of beach Mazo was, my dad said that he always wanted to go to a now defuct nude resort, but was never "brave" enough to do it.


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        My dad was in the habit of running around nude in the house and not caring who was there although he was not a nudist. My mother was a prude according to my dad. I did see her nude once by accident when I was 7. It was no big deal to me despite some people's belief that children would be tramatized by nudity.


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          Hello All!!!!
          Mom and dad were not nudist, like going to resorts or clubs, but, there was some around the house. They had some friends that were but never tried it with them. My sis would never think of going nude at all


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            My parents were no naturists, even opposed to it. When they discovered that I was, as well as my sister, at first they were hopping mad. Later they came around a little but they didn't get any further than: "OK but what does it add to your life?" Tough question to answer.


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              My parents were definitely not nudists. I used to go to the creek by myself to swim (a dangerous practice), and prior to returning, would toss my cutoffs into the water so that they wouldn't see me returning with wet hair and dry clothes.

              The only nudity in our home was on bath nights - with 5 children and one tub, to speed things up (and to give us a little more time in front of the TV) we were allowed to undress in the living room. By the time we reached puberty, however, we were each, in turn, subtly pressured to start undressing in the bathroom.


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                My parents were the stereotypical conservative protestant prudes. We lived way out in the country near a creek and I'd go skinnydipping there by myself. That's about it for me until I got old enough to get out on my own.


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                  I would have told them that it adds the joy of being free from body shame.


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                    Mom and Dad never visited a resort or beach (that I'm aware of). But nudity was no big deal around the house. And since we lived way out in the country, Dad fenced a privacy area near our house where clothing was entirely optional.

                    Now, being a very shy kid, I rarely took advantage of that -- nudism was a college development for me. I think I missed a lot.


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                      No, neither my father, my mother, nor my stepfather were nudists. I remember thinking, somewhere in early adolescence, that it was a little silly that my stepdad, with whom I was not close, and I could be naked together, but my mother and I couldn't. I was very close to my mother. Until I was about 10 she was not shy about coming in to assist me with my bath; but I don't recall ever seeing her naked. Now that I've actually become a nudist this seems even sillier than it did then.


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                        I was raised by a Divorced Mother. I barely knew my Father untill I was over 18 years old.

                        Mom lived by the "what would the neighbors think" rule. Often she would scold us by using the phrase "what will people think"...

                        I never told her I was a nudist. I wasn't really sure if I was or not untill a few years after she passed away. But I'm sure she would have Loved me just the same. She wasn't a nudist but she was a pretty open minded Lady. She just didn't like to rock the boat.



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                          Although my mother expressed the idea many times that she thought that the nude body was the most beautiful of all creation, I did not see my brothers, sisters, (all over 11 years older than me) and mother or father nude, but I saw them from time to time only in their underwear.

                          I especially would not want to see my mother nude, as this would have been too intimate for me at the time.

                          Once when I was an adult and my mother was unconscious in the hospital from a terrible heart attack, I closed my eyes tightly when I was in her hospital room and felt that her vagina was about to be exposed.


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                            "What does it add to your life?"

                            Bad answer: More than your attitudes!

                            Good answers: I can be free to be who I am. Jon-Marc's answer. I feel more comfortable without clothes.

                            Anyone else care to add more?

                            Bob S.


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                              "It's not so much what it adds. It's what it doesn't take away!"

                              (Innocence. Honesty. Beauty. Skin health. Energy flow. Communion with nature. Freedom from: Shame. Unwholesome curiosity. Lasciviousness.)