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  • Need help / encouragement

    Now that Playlinda is having problems AGAIN, I am spending more time in my back yard. My problem is I am getting paranoid in my old (well not old, only 49) age.
    I had some friends that liked to be nude in my backyard but the husband of the two has been having health issues and hasn’t been over lately. My wife isn’t in to the nudity thing and I have never pressured her on it.

    I have an acre of property and a 6 foot fence around the back yard.
    But when it’s just me out there alone I think I’m being watched or something.

    My wife says don’t worry about it.

    OK please set my mind at ease. I need some words of wisdom.


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    The way I see it, you have at least two problems going on in your life.

    1. You live where it's warm at this time of year. Clearly a crime against nature. Your problem will go away if you just move a few hundred miles north.

    2. Always listen to the little voices in your head. It's ok when they tell you to drive 90 mph, drink too much and party till dawn. It's questionable when they tell you that people are watching you. It's downright wrong when they tell you to get dressed to go out in your yard.

    And that's the truth - or at least that what my little voices said to tell you.

    Hope I've been of assistance.


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      Ah-those little voices! Life is short-enjoy the naked life-especially when your wife gives you "permission". BTW-take the drive a bit north through New Symernia and use the beach at the end of the road there. This is the northern portion of Playalinda and in a different Florida county so there have been no "issues" with the law there yet! We now go there when we visit family in Florida and find the drive worth it for the peace of mind.


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        i think it is subconcious jitters! just relax and try enjoying nudity with nature.


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          Like 'justnude' suggested, drive up to Apollo Beach and enjoy your nude beach time w/o the worries.


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            OK No Threads,
            Listen to my little voice or the voice of reason. You are in your own back fenced in yard. Your spouse is fine with it, so who really cares if someone is watching. If you are just nude and doing your own thing there will be no problem. Even if someone could be watching. What are they going to see? A relaxed man lounging in the nude, so what. Enjoy your life and don't worry so much what others may think. Think for yourself and be the person you wish to be.


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              At least you have more than most have, the luxury of having your own place where you can enjoy nudity on you own property. There are a lot of those who don't have that freedom. It's nice to be able to just walk outside to enjoy the sun and not having to worry about the neighbor. It's also nice to know your wife approves, so there you go.

              I know what you mean about going it alone, but with the price of gas these days, I can be just as happy enjoying the nude life at home than traveling somewhere else to be nude with others. I would like to be with others and have a nice conversation with like minded nudists, but if I can't, then so be it. I try to hit the nude beach, but the nearest one is about 130 miles away.

              Now, that we have a house full of people, those long trips might start to look pretty good. lol