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Will rising gas prices affect your naturist activities this summer?

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  • Will rising gas prices affect your naturist activities this summer?

    I know this has been discussed previously but seeing as how we're about to embark on another beach season and gas prices are reaching unheard of levels I thought I'd see what people's current opinions are.

    Most, if not all of my nude time is confined to a beach where I'm somewhat fortunate in that it's a reasonable drive of only 75 kilometers (about 47 miles) north of here and that's all highway. With the round trip there and back in my vehicle I'm looking at just under $20 per trip which in the grand scheme of things isn't too bad for an afternoon's relaxation. Part of that's the premium I pay for owning a truck.

    Have gas prices gotten to the point yet where it's impacting people's naturist activities? So far I'm willing to keep paying the price, it hasn't affected my beach visits. It's something I enjoy and we have to take advantage of the hot summers around here while we can. The season's only so long and at the other end of the spectrum I don't tend to do a lot of driving in the winter.

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    Good question, very topical...

    As for me, it will cut down -- slightly -- the number of times I go "up to camp"... our nudist park is 33 miles away, which is around 47 kilometers, and in my car that will be around $8 a trip. So, I'm going to be more careful, but it likely won't impact me -- much.

    I am, however, concerned for nudist park owners, particularly those who have facilities in places that aren't easy to get to.

    As far as my nudist vacation this summer is concerned -- Eastover Resort is 150 miles from my house. That's 10 gallons for the round trip. Gas prices are expected to top out at $3.50 a gallon by June. That's $35.00. At $2.60 a gallon (last year's prices) it was $26.00. $9 difference. Not going to affect whether I will go on vacation or not.


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      Since I just moved out to the DC area, I will now have to travel more this summer to get to nudist locations! Maybe a smaller second car is in order or car pooling with someone who owns a Prius


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        Reply to thread- Will rising gas prices affct your naturist activities this-

        I live relatively close to my home clothesfree nudist club [43 miles Round Trip] and yet it cost me approximately $16 just for fuel each trip as I have specialty, custom, and classic older cars that get 10-14 miles per gallon.

        I use to fly to an airport close by the resort one in a while, but its always a pain to arrange for someone or a fellow nudist to pick me up. Av fuel is half again more than automotive fuel.

        The flying to the resort is put on the back burner due to the expense and inconvenience. A resident of the resort has a helicopter and continues to fly in and out.

        I am retired & use to go out several time during the week and on most weekends if in the area, but to answer your question, Yes it has affected my naturist and nudist activities on and off the resort, and is getting very expensive.

        Everything I own is paid for, so I will bare with it and not go out as much, or buy a hybrid vehicle for the mid twenties to save a few miles per gallon. Plus the hybrids get worse than advertised MPG on the highway as they are using the combustion engine out of the city stop and go. It would take years to even break even on the savings in mileage per gallon, plus you have to pay for the vehicle.

        The rise in energy is affecting everything we do including getting naked LOL. Glad i can in the rear of my property anytime without using energy.


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          GAs around here is already at the $3.50 level. It should be up around $3.75 by Memorial Day. No end is sight to the rising prices. Just waiting and wondering when it will hit $4.00?


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            We have public transportation to our nude beach in Belgium, so it will be no problem for anybody who wants to hit the beach.


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              Originally posted by Sanslines View Post
              No end is sight to the rising prices. Just waiting and wondering when it will hit $4.00?
              Gas prices in Northern California, (San Francisco area) are well above $4 at some service stations already. Northern CA gas prices are as much as 50 cents higher than other states (due to a different formula, they say), and the prices in this area are 25 cents higher than Southern CA.


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                They won't really affect me cuz I don't really have any plans on going to any beaches or resorts this summer anyways (saving up my vacation days for when my family comes down). The only way it can really affect my nude time is that I'll go out less, so I can spend more time nude around the apartment.


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                  Reply to Thread - Rising gas prices--

                  A site that follows gas prices:

                  San Francisco Highest in the Nation $4.19
                  U.S. Average $3.36
                  U.S. Lowest @ Rens Grove N.J. $3.02

                  Diesel in Nothern CA $4.19


                  Sacramento $3.85
                  San Francisco $4.11


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                    On last year's road trip I drove 4300 miles and spent less than $500 for gas. I figure it won't be much worse than that this year.


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                      No long trips for us this year. We'll be hitting the local nude beaches.


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                        I have plenty of disposable income, so until gas is just plain gone, that isn't the issue. The catch lately has been the wife's unwillingness to go to organized clubs for other reasons. So, we just spend more time at home. We live in a very rural area, and have enough property where we can find plenty to do around here without having to dress up anyway. Hey, it's already April, and I am not darker than the couch yet! I need to get out more.


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                          Windowphobe, you may want to recalculate your fuel costs, as the prices have gone up drastically since last year, at least around here. As far as my traveling goes, the fuel costs have put a crimp on my driving habits. I don't see myself taking those weekend trips to the nude beach (125 miles) as much, if any. So that means I'll have to enjoy my nude times in my back yard more.


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                            Gas prices affected my traveling to nudist venues last summer and will continue to adversely affect my activities. As it is I avoid doing any driving anywhere I don't have to go. I have to put aside money for the activities I have planned for this summer. I probably won't be able to attend all the events I have planned but hope to get to a few of them. Even the closest places to me require half a tank of gas.


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                              I have not only the car gas prices to contend with, but i have ferry fuel costs to deal with as well. If i want to even go into town (the mainland) for the day (groceries, etc), that's over $20 (for a commuter ticket - $40 without one) just for the privilege of being able to leave this island. THEN i add the car gas costs.

                              So that means not much happening for us, except for maybe a couple of trips to Van Tan. The Van Tan Club (the Vancouver, BC Club) is not far away at all, once i'm on the mainland, but it's that ferry cost. Man, it keeps climbing & climbing even faster than the gas prices.

                              It's hard living on an island, but at the moment, it's worth the cost. I don't know how long we can keep it up though. Oh, but i do love my moat! :-)