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Will rising gas prices affect your naturist activities this summer?

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    Sadly, yes. uhhhh! I'm mad @ GWBDC !


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      You're complaining, have you seen the price of fuel in the UK it's about double what you pay in the US. Admittedly ours is a smaller country and we don't have to travel the distances that you do, but it still seems that we'll soon need a bank loan to fill the tank!!


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        Economists, oil industry analysts, and even OPEC will tell you that there is no fundamental reason for oil to be over the $55-60 barrel level.

        This is going to break at some point in time. Yes, some speculators will lose a lot of money.

        Boo hoo.

        But, there's a downside to a price break. It will halt the drive for alternative fuel implementation, people will say "Whew!" and go out and buy that guzzler, and at $2.50 a gallon, they won't change their behavior.


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          Gas is already at $3.69 to $3.74 here. Not much of an increase is needed to get the price to $4.00 per gallon. We should break $4.00 easily by Memorial Day. Prices will go up again today as there is more 'fog in the shipping lanes'. Motor on!


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            I will ride a bicycle, its 80 miles each way but you got to do what you got to do.