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Do you get more done nude?

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  • Do you get more done nude?

    Thank you nudeM for the suggestion of this topic on the thread asking for such as this.

    Now, everyone, how do you feel about the amount of, whatever it is, that you are doing, do you get more done when you are nude?

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    If I am inside, I get just as much done nude as clothed. However, if I need to be outside doing things then I get much more done with my clothes on. Sad but true !!!!


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      I think most of us get more work done when we can make it enjoyable, and I definately find chores more enjoyable when nude.


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        I at least do a better job of things when I am naked. Don't know why but is what I do.


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          I like to do house work in the nude , if you have too do house work why not make yourself feel good.I think I get more done .


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            I also find chores more tolerable when nude. It has almost gotten to the point that I put off outside chores until the last minute as I have to be clothed. What a bummer.


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              In terms of exercising, not really.
              In terms of strenuous manual labor, not really either.

              In terms of household chores...absolutely!

              It seems that nudity and household chores go well together. I've even heard non-nudists talk about sometimes enjoying doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom nude.


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                When i'm nude I get a lot more done especially cleaning the house and driving long distances. I've done yard work and that goes faster as well


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                  I believe I am more productive at my home office work in the nude.

                  I've heard some gamblers through the ages have gambled nude for luck or some other benefit.

                  I wonder if some kinds of meditation/contemplation work better in the nude?

                  I think any nude activity might not be as productive to a brand new nudist. Sometimes a person may need to get used to being nude first.


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                    Good question but I am not sure that we should dwell on the answers too much, after all we do not get nude to achieve, we get nude because we like to . Are there any pleasurable activities that we do that actually cause more to be achieved. I acknowledge that there are a lot of people who actually love their work and throw themselves into work, , they achieve a lot and enjoy it along the way. But thats' work.

                    I think that it is only a minority of us that can be nude in the workplace. It is patently obvious that any work involved in water activities, e.g. swimming teachers, diving teachers, it would save time and be better in a thousand ways to be nude BUT over hundreds of years, nudity has not become the norm in these occupations.

                    Nude Yoga - I am sure I achieve a better work out when nude
                    Farm work - Nudity slows me down because I have to be more careful, pr|ckley bushes, moving machinery, flying objects etc

                    Cleaning the pool - nudity helps because I can jump in the pool to clean it and don't waste time undressing and dressing

                    Office work at home - Computer etc - makes no difference, though perhaps I am more comfortable and cooler so possibly achieve more.



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                      honestly speaking - i enjoy doing more when i'm nude. as far as getting more done-well-maybe indoors.


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                        I do get more done while nude. I stay at my computer longer while working from home because Im more comfortable and I take less breaks doing house work because I don't as hot a sweaty.


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                          Quite simply........yes! I am much more productive when I am nude.


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                            I think I do


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                              Being nude most of the time, I would have to say yes. When I have clothes on I am thinking more of how much I hate wearing clothes so am not focusing more on the task.