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Fictitious scenario IV: the dating game.

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  • Fictitious scenario IV: the dating game.

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    Here's the next installment of my fictitious scenarios. Those who are currently dating should find this easy to answer; if you're not dating, just use your imagination.

    You've just met two people in a small amount of time. They are both great people, intelligent, good looking and attentive. However, their statuses are quite different: one is a surgeon; the other is a bartender/barmaid. One is loaded with cash; the other barely makes it from paycheck to paycheck. After conversating with both, you decide to bring up nudism. And you realize they're different in more ways than just financially. You find out that the surgeon is completely closed-minded when it comes to nudity; he/she is in fact totally opposed to nudity outside of the bedroom, and definitely finds social nudity to be "utterly unacceptable." The bartender/barmaid is the exact opposite; he/she has experienced nudism in the past, enjoyed it, and has no trouble envisioning a clothesfree way of life.

    So there you have it. If you date the surgeon, you'll probably get the "royal treatment", but may never see the inside of a resort ever again. If you date the bartender/barmaid, you'll get to continue enjoying nudism, and in good company; but you'll have to help support him/her. So which would you give up: money or nudism?


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      I'd date the bartender hands down.

      Money is irrelevent. Compatibility is the key.

      Believe me I know!


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        This is an easy one...I would date the bartender/barmaid. Money isn't everything and me being happy and doing what makes me happy comes first. I can care less about money as long as I have enough for my bills and enough for a membership to Paradise Lakes .


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          Yummmm. I voted to stay alone. I would never marry due the money, but barmen/bargirls ABSOLUTELY ALL WITHOUT OF ANY EXCLUSIONS have an alkohol problem, at less or more heavy degree. Just I know them a bunch. As from my land, as from Russia, as from Florida, as from Stokholm, as from Germany - them are all the same. Nice while not under booze. But booze them need every day and quite a lot.


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            Very difficult choice to make here. Many of us that had reluctant partners in the beginning can relate to the surgeons hard stand against nudism. Though my wife's stand wasn't as hardcore, it was close and she's a 90%+ committed nudist today (weather permitting ).

            It was a long hard road to where we are today. It would have been so much easier if she had the barmaids attitude. But there could be other issues with the barmaid that could be just as damaging to the relationship as the surgeons attitude towards nudity.

            You could take the approach that with some luck, love, understanding and patience, the surgeon could be turned around and become a nudist as well. Or not and live your life with lots of money and be a closet nudist while your wife is in the operating room.......not for me.

            I'll take my chances with the barmaid. We'll be living paycheck to paycheck at the nudist club!


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              What I don't understand is why you all believe the barmaid has to be poor. Bartenders can make pretty damn good money.


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                PascoDoug said it all for me, I'd take the barmaid and live Happy.


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                  I congratulate, a brilliant idea and it is duly


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                    Re: Fictitious scenario IV: the dating game.

                    Marry the surgeon, cheat with the barmaid.


                    OK, OK ... just kidding. Truth is ... as important as nudism is to me, it ain't everything. If I find a soulmate who's only serious "flaw" in my eyes is a lack of enthusiasm for nudism, I'd be a fool to pass that up.

                    Date them both, and find out which is most able to put up with me (that seems to be the biggest hurdle). The right choice should be obvious.


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                      Re: Fictitious scenario IV: the dating game.

                      The 'barmaid' sounds like the happiest choice to me.
                      There's a wide range of factors that decide compatibility in the longer term, but the 'barmaid' from your example sounds like the choice that offers the most flexibility and tolerance.
                      I certainly would prefer the person who seems more easygoing, but of course there is no way to know whether she would also be easygoing in other domains, i.e. mealtimes, where to spend holidays, choices of food, schools for the kids, etc. The 'surgeon' from your example sounds like someone who is very rigid in all aspects, but that might not be the case in real life.