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  • Getting started.

    Out of curosity how did you guys get started in naturism?

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    Out of curosity how did you guys get started in naturism?


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      Hi John_Smith_87..Usually it just doesn't start but builds up over time by doing this or doing that. Like skinny dipping, sleeping nude at nite, being at a beach and you swim trunks have sand in them and you have to take them off and it feels good to get those wet things off and other things that happen to you. My wife and I really didn't just start either. From the time we were married we never really wore clothes. But I always thought that it was stupid to take a shower and then have to get dressed right away or run an hide if someone was around so we didn't. I also though that after working in the yard it would be nice to take your dirty clothes off, outside, and take the shower outside. We just didn't like to wear clothes all the time. Also some people might not like the looks of their body but why be ashamed of it. Really, in all truthfulness I would have to say that it started when I was born..NAKED.. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] BYE..Keithmj [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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        I was a closet nudist until age 55, when I came out of the closet by going to a nudist club. It was called a "club" and not a resort since it was open to the public only half the year. I've been hooked ever since and wish I had gotten into social nudisy decades ago.


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          i have always had a desire to not wear clothes, i just think they are frivolous pieces of cloth designed to cover parts that are better off exposed anyways. when i moved back to south florida after college, i was in my own house and discovered its cooler naked (no air conditioner yet either). once we got a/c, i set up an outside shower because i did not like steaming up the bathroom just to be comfy in the shower (the a/c was tooo cold). now i enjoy my outside shower and try to teach my kids about their body when they are young so hopefully they will know what normal naked people look like and not have body-shame, sex too early, etc. etc. not only that, but does anyone actually enjoy floppy wet swimsuits clinging all over? not me...


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            I guess I was born into it. When conditions were such that there was a choice whether to wear clothes or be naked I chose to be naked. I must confess that there were many times where I was encouraged to be naked by my parents, especially my mother. Money was tight and the summers hot in the 30's. Being naked was more comfortable and helped a bit on the clothing bills too, I suppose.

            We kids while still pre-buescent had an advantage over our folks, we could be naked regardless of who was around. Our parents couldn't. Real reason for this was never given, we figured it out ourselves when we got older. All we were ever told if we asked was that kids could do certauin things grown ups couldn't, just like grown ups could do certain things kids couldn't. We kids never thought much about it, we and a lot (but not all) of our friends just played naked. None of us ever questioned anyone as to why they wore clothes or went naked, we just all got along together.


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              I suppose childhood nudism was never shunned in my family. I was the one who eventually decided to put on clothes. Probobly because it was an ok thing in childhood, but not practised in adulthood.

              Even though I followed the unspoken rules, I always felt like I was not living like I wanted too. Through HS and College I never tried nudism, it was too scary for me, though I always wanted too. It wasn't till I moved to another state for graduate school that I felt free enough to take the 'precieved risk' and try it. Boy was I content and wished I had had the guts to try it earlier. For me, it's just a great escape and an awesome way to "be".

              Fresh Air


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                Some of us were born that way.(LOL) My mom said I was always taking off my diapers on my own...

                Then there was the National Geographics with the nude pictures of the Amazon/African tribes and when I was 10 or 11 I simply stopped putting on p.j.s and slept nude.
                In high school I somehow came into possesion of an early sixties nudist magizine and started to go from bathroom to bedroom while nude.
                In college I was part of a loosely-knit co-ed group that would use the university's swimming pool for skinny-dipping during off-hours and then meet at one of our appartments for a "nude cap".

                Throughout my marrage, I was a house nudist and when the attorney handling my divorce heard I walked around nude,he referred me to another lawyer whom got me involved in TNS and later AANR.

                So you see, at least in my case, involvement in nudity was a series of small steps.
                hope this helps you.


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                  I followed along a similar progression. I enjoyed sneaking around the house nude in my teens when no one was home or in the other end of the house. Sleeping nude was completely taboo so I had to wait until college to start that and only then when I had no roommates. I lived in several apartments that were without air conditioning (a death sentence in the South) so I was frequently nude when alone. Later, in my 20's, I started wandering out to the back deck late at night to enjoy the night air. Then skinny dipping alone or with an occasional friend. Now I'm nude when I can but where I live doesn't offer many public opportunities. That's why I'm hoping to transfer when I'm promotable next year.

                  Ironically, I never even knew my home state of NC even had CO places until after I moved to Utah and discovered naturism online!


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                    Out of curosity how did you guys get started in naturism? [/QB][/QUOTE]

                    About 10 years ago, my wife and I were vacationing in Germany and went to the spa in Baden-Baden. It was GREAT! Several of the pool areas were co-ed and when we met there we were pleased to see both sexes mingling and enjoying the relaxation in total nudity. After that experience, I was never self-conscious about being naked in mixed company again. I've been a nudist ever since.