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  • "Retired"newcaster (?)

    I haven`t seen Melanie Pierce in a show for some time.
    Never read a notice, if she might be back after a while or if she has left "for ever".
    Is there anybody who has got more informations?
    I think she did her job very well and I surely do miss her.

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    I haven't seen Corey in awhile either. Is he stil busy with his 'Naked in America' DVD?

    When does it come out?


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      Melanie is no longer working with the company, you never know though, we always seem to have guest "returns". I have been busy with Naked in America, yes, but am back, and will be in upcoming shows, stay tuned. Hope everyone is enjoying our recent shows, our staff has been doing a great job in bringing in new content and locations.
      Corey Mangold
      CFI President


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        Hey Corey, do you have any plans for here in Virginia ??


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          good luck melanie for what ever reason you left! i think that's a job i could never leave!! to the rest of the crew - great job!!!


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            Ditto. I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie and found her to be a very warm individual. My best wishes to you, Melanie.


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              Ditto that too, Shay, I had the pleasure of meeting her, along with you as well, and she seemed so very friendly. Lots of luck Melanie and hope you stop by every now and then to say "hi!".