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What will you do when you retire from work?

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  • What will you do when you retire from work?

    I'm only 4-1/2 yrs away from retirement. I've worked in factories my entire adult life and I'm tired of that sort. Since I will need a little income, I think I'll seek employment as a Wal-Mart greeter, parking lot attendent, school crossing guard, ect. No more safety shoes, glasses, hearing protection, ect.

    What will you want to do in retirement? Rick

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    I'm a bit closer to retirement than you are....about 30 months actually.

    I've begun looking for options. Originally my sights may have been set too high, I had seriously thought about chartering nude day cruises out and around Catalina Island. Too long a story to explain why those ideas have been scaled down.

    I'm pretty handy with minor to moderate repairs, construction and things like that. I've talked about working for a nudist club, clothing optional Inn or teaching fire science courses. The money is much better teaching. Not sure that's what I want to tie myself down to.

    No completely sure I will be allowed to work in the nude at an Inn or I'll have to weigh my options again after I talk more with prospective employers when the time gets closer.

    One thing is for sure, I'm gonna be done with wearing that hot and heavy firefighting gear, steel toed shoes and getting up 3-6 times after midnight!


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      My wife had gotten into volunteer work several years before I retired. After I retired, I got into it. First we worked various things with foreign students at LSU. After moving here to Charlottesville, I got into master gardenering and do lots of gardening of my own. In Baton Rouge, I got into bowling and have continued that here as well.


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        I can't wait. I have a farm and that will keep me busy.



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          I will be eligible to retire in another year and a half. As much as I hate working with computors; the wendlessly changing passwords; the fact that, putting it mildly, some of my co-workers are (fill in the blank) ; the revoling door nature of the 'higher ups' (remember, I am a civie working for the millitary), I don't think I will retire for a long time.

          One, my ex gets half the pension and two, mary has threated bodily harm if I am around her 23/7!


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            Stop listening to other people's problems all day is the first thing.

            I have been helping a butcher friend of mine in his shop maybe I'll help him some more ... I am good with knives.

            Work on building my cabin in the mountains and my next book (I have one already out and another with a release date in November 2006).

            Play with my grandkids and my dogs.

            I might even kiss my wife.


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              I don't think I'll ever be able to retire.I'll be worked until death..oh joy!


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                I like this subject! This is my first post in many months. The hurtful anti-Bush political diatribes and intolerant anti-Christians just about did me in.

                My dream (goal) is to buy a converted Silver Eagle coach and see the good ole' USA with my wife. I hope diesel fuel prices drop significantly over the next 25-30 years (my retirement window)!



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                  Originally posted by nudereb:
                  I like this subject! This is my first post in many months. The hurtful anti-Bush political diatribes and intolerant anti-Christians just about did me in.
                  So, I am not the only one who is tired of seeing the negative posts on here? YAY!


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                    As far as I'm concerned, retirement is in the future about forty-five years minimum for me. I would love to retire to my own clothing-optional property (if not a resort, than just my house) writing until I'm dead.


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                      Originally posted by Swimguy:
                      So, I am not the only one who is tired of seeing the negative posts on here? YAY!
                      Ok then, I will post an honest, positive, up-beat post.

                      I have been retired since age 62, which means that I have been retired for 18 years and I love retirement. I socialize a lot and I regularly go to senior dances. I once again have arranged for ten of my friends (mostly from church) to be together at the same table at our upcoming dance at the town's senior center. I don't have money to travel like I would like to, but I have a lot of fun in the St. Louis area. There is always lots to keep one entertained with friends.


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                        Actually I have started that,Real Estate.I plan to retire from one career and start another,after all I will still be young at 52 when I retire after 30yrs in the air transportation industry.( in 2 years) So if anyone needs help in central Fla looking for or buying Real estate let me know.


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                          Something outdoors, Whitewater Raft guide, camp worker, almost anything outside.


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                            I retired at 36. After 9 1/2 years, I was bored and went to work as a part time auto parts delivery driver. Presently I haul parts between three stores and the warehouse. On May 1st, we will be changing ownership again and my position will be eliminated. I am torn between retiring again and staying on in another capacity. With the weather improving, retiring again is very tempting, but I know I will be bored when winter returns.


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                              I will be able to retire in 1,171 days from today. (But who's counting?)

                              My plans are to do more volunteer work. As a flight instructor, I would be able to work with the youth after school. Working makes it difficult to get time to fly during the daylight hours.

                              The other volunteer thing is Public Access TV. I am addicted to that and there is always opportunities to work with school youth in producing quality TV for and about their school. We do sports, concerts, plays for the high schools in the area and then there are the community events that we televise.

                              I hope to be able to do some traveling, if the finances hold out. We'll see.

                              I should be kept busy. I hope I don't have to be a WalMart greeter.