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what is youer faverit movies from the ina movie list

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  • what is youer faverit movies from the ina movie list

    i like my fathers glory and the blue lagoon and the walkabout tell me your faverits please if you have some faverits.

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    i like my fathers glory and the blue lagoon and the walkabout tell me your faverits please if you have some faverits.


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      I would also go with "Walkabout," "Pretty Baby," and "The Blue Lagoon," but I only chose the later for the kitsch factor.



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        I like Starship Troopers! Here is the link in case others don't know what we are talking about:


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          I agree with the "Blue Lagoon" as well. "Life of Brain" as the funniest.

          Of all of them, I would have to say "Angela" is the best and darkest. I also suggest "Tom and Lola" (French), "The Last Butterfly" (Czech), and "Now and Then" as I suggested them.

          Bob S.


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            in no particular order...

            Life of Brian
            Schindler's List
            Europa Europa
            Planet of the Apes

            all excellent movies in my opinion


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              I'm glad 'Naturist guide to the Movies' exists on I would like to see it updated on a regular basis as people suggest additions. Since it didn't change for a long time, I quit looking at it, but I looked at it yesterday and it seemed like some movies there now I don't remember seeing before. This listing has caused me to search for and see as many as I could find at my local libraries. I'm planning to check out 'Maze' next week.

              Some of them I didn't think were very good or I couldn't get into. Many others I thought were good to very good. The ones I liked were:

              Any Given Sunday
              At Play in the Fields of the Lord
              Blame it On Rio
              Box of Moonlight
              Doc Hollywood
              The Goodbye Girl
              Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan
              Prospero's Books (I couldn't get into the storyline, but LOTS of nudity)
              The Road to Wellville
              Splash (Daryl Hannah is enjoyable in Summer Lovers as well)
              Summer Lovers (also French Postcards starring Valerie Quennessen-no nudity)
              The Talented Mr. Ripley (his talent is shared by many people these days)
              Wild Things (same kind of talent as Mr. Ripley only moreso)

              Not on the list, but I also liked:

              Norma Jean and Marilyn (I like Ashley Judd in this movie)


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                The best movie with nudity in it is "Sirens" with Hugh Grant. In it the wife of a minister learns to be less uptight about the human body. Another film with a lot of nudity is "The Dreamers". It's an excellent film, and most of the nudity is matter-of-fact.


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                  "A Shot in the Dark" (1964) starring Peter Sellers and Elke Sommer and directed by Blake Edwards.

                  This is the second movie in the Pink Panther/Inspector Clouseau series. The character played by Elke Sommer is the chief suspect in a murder. Inspector Clouseau tails her on her day off and follows her into a nudist colony. It might not be the most realistic portrayal of nudism but it is probably the funniest nudist scene ever.

                  Part of the nudist colony scene and the subsequent nude car scene can be viewed at the follownig link about three-quarters of the way through the videoclip:



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                    Emerald Forrest!
                    Blue lagoon!


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                      I'm going to reveal my total nerdiness and say that I actually have a list of my hundred or so alltime favorite movies listed by year. From that list, 6 of them are on the INA list: Lord of the Flies (1963), Brother Sun Sister Moon, Witness, Betty Blue, Europa Europa and Starship Troopers (all for reasons that have nothing to do with nudity).

                      Favorite movie that happens to have nudity in it:
                      Europa Europa - amazing story, even moreso because it is true.

                      Favorite movie that has nudity as a plot element:
                      Brother Sun Sister Moon (I've written about his elsewhere on CFF).

                      Favorite depiction of social nudity as a plot element:
                      Last Picture Show - so-so movie but the skinny dipping scene shows really well how it feels the "first time."

                      Other good movies that have nudity in them but don't make a big deal out of it (no "Hey look Martha, they're naked!" component):
                      Starship Troopers (set in the future, the co-ed shower scene is presented as totally routine);
                      Betty Blue (controversial when first released but pretty tame now, for the most part the nudity is just casual - although I haven't seen the recently released director's cut.);
                      Much Ado About Nothing - Don Pedro's men do the unthinkable: They bathe after a long and dusty ride. How scandalous.

                      Funniest nudity:
                      Life of Brian; Waking Ned Devine; Goodbye, Lenin

                      Lastly, the two movies (that I've seen) that I think best depict nudity at its most natural: Lord of the Flies & Blue Lagoon. I love Lord of the Flies because of the story and Blue Lagoon is so-so but both of them show that young humans, separated from "civilization" and left to themselves with no adults to teach them to be ashamed, will prefer to go naked. In Lord of the Flies it is the little'uns who are the first to shed their clothes while the older boys rigidly hold onto their last scraps. I don't remember if Blue Lagoon ever explained why they started wearing loincloths when they got to be teens (neither did Greystoke for that matter).

                      By the way, others to add to the INA list (not necessarily good movies, but movies with non-sexual shots/scenes of naked people or person): Flirting, Ragtime, The Grey Zone, A Midnight Clear, School Ties, The Aviator, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Kramer vs Kramer, Melvin and Howard, Gallipoli


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                        what happend to the ina movie list. i can only get a-b on my computer. are the people how are in charge of the ina movies. going to post c-z to i was just woundering if some one can halp answer my qushton thanks.


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                          underground, it worked for me.

                          Bob S.


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                            Emerald Forest definitely


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                              I was also able to view the entire list, did you scroll down. I originally got caught on that fact.
                              Being a cinema projectionist by occupation I see plenty of movies in a week.
                              John S.