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Create a Commercial Advertising the Birthday Suit

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  • Create a Commercial Advertising the Birthday Suit

    This is something I've been thinking about for fun. Say you work for an advertising agency. Come up with a commercial that advertises this article of clothing, and how comfortable, etc., it is, get the viewers intrigued, and at the end it's revealed that it's talking about your birthday suit. How would you go about designing this commercial?

    I had thought of describing it as "a one-button, double breasted suit which can be worn as your Sunday best, but also doubles as the ultimate in loungewear and sleepwear as well! (Cut to shots of people lounging around and sleeping in it) Not only that, but this versatile suit can also be worn as swimwear (cut to shots of people swimming in it), and once you've swam in it, you'll never want to swim in anything else again!" I'm also trying to see if I can come up with another name for it to make it seem like I'm talking about an actual article of clothing, only one more versatile, more comfortable, and superior to any other. Then after hearing it, people are like, "Wow, what kind of suit is all that?" Then spring it on 'em that it's the birthday suit.

    Our birthday suit is in many ways the original “amazing technicolour dreamcoat”. Far more versatile than any clothing yet devised, skin keeps out the rain and the germs, protects us from the sun and helps to keep our bodies at the right temperature. What’s more, it monitors its own state of repair with pain receptors that alert us to any burns or cuts, and then makes good any damage. And it has its own police force of immune cells, which keep watch for intruders and rogue cells. Skin is also a biochemical factory, churning out vitamin D and hormones. It even sprouts decorative hair and useful fingernails […]. Without it, life as we know it would be impossible. […] If someone had invented skin, they would be hailed as one of the great designers of all time. For its physical structure—a bit like a two-layered cake with icing—is beautifully suited to its job.
    (Gail Vines, “Get under your skin.” Inside Science, Jan. 14, 1995)

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    Maybe refer to it as a DermaSuit or something similar that would make people wonder what you are really talking about, before you clue them in.


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      Wouldn't that be a switch and bait ad? Am sure someone would lodge a complain of that sort.