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      I voted for hyprocrits.


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        Other posts in different categories on the same POD Image F.Y.I.:

        Thanks "ercNY"

        I missed seeing the other posts in categories not expected approximately 3 hours apart.

        The following are links in time order/category of posts on the daily picture posted by CFI.

        I posted in "Nudes in the News" Category as that's exactly what it was, and covered live in Video and Digital Stills by the CFI’s Nudes in the News Anchors, Video crew, and Photographers, both in Seattle and San Francisco.

        Miscellaneous Today's Picture

        Fun of Nude Recreation Teaching non-body acceptance?

        Nudes in the News Why Go to a World Naked Bike Ride, then Turn your head?

        Miscellaneous Wnbr

        Marc Martin Photographer "Index" of Images near city center

        Frames 27 and 28 counting left to right and top to bottom clearly indicate that not only nude women, but nude children participated in the ride, but the women and children at question did watch the nude riders directly with out turning.

        The Kids peeked anyway & group was close to exit if they wanted to be.

        Just my observation of Marc Martins city center photographs, the event being held on a Saturday, and the women and children being near an exit, and the event being widely published, and images of them watching the nude riders without turning their heads leads me to believe it might have been put on just for the photographer, and local residents intending to be their for the event, not tourists.

        The Photographers comment on this observation:

        [Quote by Marc Martin Photographer]
        Marc Martin
        For some reason, people dismounted their bikes way too early and we ended up walking much further than was necessary to comply with safety requests from the city. We were supposed to go single file first, then dismount. Oh well. You have to have some chaos and unpredictability in every ride and we had enough to keep it fun. I bet the older people were wondering why we were walking our bikes all around them, or perhaps they had other questions they were thinking about. D 22:22, 11 Jun 2006 (PDT)
        Mainly around Seattle Center (
        Check this reaction shot out ( A picture says a thousand words. Very, very few people had a reaction like this. That's why we had to get this shot. One of JC's shots [1] ( shows one of the kids with his hands over his ears and one of the boys just can't seem to stop from turning around to look at us.
        This is one of the most bizarre reactions I have ever seen in the ten naked public/urban rides I have done. Its hilarious, but you have to feel sorry for the kids being told to turn around. One can only imagine what life at home is like for them. One of the mothers just can't seem to keep a straight face. Priceless. They almost look like they were praying for us. Well, the prayers were answered. The sun finally did come out for us and we had an amazing, very positive ride! D 22:13, 11 Jun 2006 (PDT)

        Link to Seattle 2006 WNBR Photo's, Photographers, Media, & Press Coverage F.Y.I.



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          Originally posted by nudeM:
          I voted for hyprocrits.
          Well, didja see how many did NOT vote for hyprocrits? Musta been 6 billion or so, hey?


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            When I reviewed the pictures. The first thing that came to my mind was " you all knew that the riders were going to be nude! Why then, did you react like that".

            Sometimes, I just don't get it.

            All the best