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AANR Tomorrow proposal withdrawn

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  • AANR Tomorrow proposal withdrawn

    Early reports from the AANR national convention is that President Pat Brown has withdrawn the sweeping reorganization plan dubbed 'AANR Tomorrow'.

    AANR Tomorrow was a mixed bag of good and (IMHO) bad ideas. The most controversial proposals were to eliminate support for the AANR regional organizations (which would either dissolve, or continue as independent groups) and a complex plan for clubs to buy influence in AANR decisions via a multi-tiered club enrollment system.

    You can read the original AANR Tomorrow proposals here, - they are PDF documents that require the Adoble Acrobat Reader plugin to view.

    Cheef at wrote a short critique of the good and bad aspects of the proposal here.

    Is AANR Tomorrow dead? Probably not. We can expect it to be sent back for revision, with much more input from the clubs and membership. A much better proposal should emerge in time.