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Question For Nudist Family's But Anyone Can Answer

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  • Question For Nudist Family's But Anyone Can Answer

    I am just curious about something. A family lives together nude 24/7. They are a nudist family and they do everything naked. But do they close the door when they shower or use the toliet facilties? It would make sense that they dont but then again some people dont like to share everything!

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    I am just curious about something. A family lives together nude 24/7. They are a nudist family and they do everything naked. But do they close the door when they shower or use the toliet facilties? It would make sense that they dont but then again some people dont like to share everything!


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      it would be really hard to live nude 24/7, but we live nude a lot and we don't close any doors, even when going to the bathroom. as a matter of fact, we don't like interior doors. when my kids friends come over and close the bedroom doors, we get wacky and quickly open them back up. when someone is over, than the bathroom doors get closed. we share everything when in private together....


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        We are a fairly young family, and live nude from sunup to sunup except for work and church. Since our oldest child is still in diapers, and we are trying to potty train him, so he is privy to our bathroom habits, however, I think the door would be closed even with other nudist friends...I think that some things are best kept private...especially some of those noises and odors! WHEW! :-)


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          I have this thing about having the bathroom door open while I am using it. Even when I am alone, I still have the tendency to close and lock it, especially when I am sitting (catch my drift, or rather don't) [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img]

          But for families with young children, I could see the parents leaving the door open, or at least bringing the child in the bathroom with them while they go. I have personally witnessed this on many occasions at the day care where I work where parents, picking up their children in the afternoon, will bring them into the bathroom with them (the preschool set).

          Showering is a different thing all together. The smoke alarm is right outside the bathroom door and has gone off a couple of times because of the steam from my extra-hot showers. If that weren't there, alone, I would have no problem keeping the door open.

          Bob S.


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            When I was growing up our family was very OK with nudity. It was natural and normal. We had only one bathroom, and even if you went in and closed the door it would likely be opened and someone would come in to do something else, bath, shave, brush teeth or whatever. It was a time of conversation, not embarrasment. When I got married and we had children it was pretty much the same. I think this makes a very comfortable family.


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              My family was textile but the ladies never closed the bathroom door. I guess it was because women always sit down, so you didn't see anything. I do like the fact that they were not ashamed of being seen using the toilet, even if they were not nudists.

              My Dad, my brother and I did close the door, I guess because we bared all as we stood to pee. Once I was in the shower, I didn't freak if someone needed to use the john. I was just uncomfortable with being seen nude. I don't think there was a sexual thing to it, I just struggled with poor body image during my teen years. I hate that because when I was a kid I used to cheerfully take baths with my female cousins when they came to visit. It just seemed that all my confidence went out the window when I entered adolescence.

              Dad was a textile by day, but after his evening bath, he was nude. He usually just made tracks for the bedroom, but sometimes he would streak by the living room to say goodnight to us night owls.

              Mom and Dad visited a nudist resort once after I was away at college, but they never really got interested in it.

              I am sure that their somewhat open attitude about nudity affected me, but it seemed to go dormant for a long time. I didn't try social nudity until college.

              I think I would have had a happier more confident adolescence if we had been a true nudist family.


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                When I'm in the bathroom, I most times, close the door. When it's time to answer mother nature, I close the door out of politness to mask the sounds and scents that we humans produce (i even keep a can of air freshner nearby to cover it all up out of politeness). When it's time for a shower, I close the door but I'm not affected by those that come in as long as they close it again behind them. I HATE warming up a room during a hot shower only to come out into a COLD room, dripping wet.



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                  Whose idea was it to bring toilets into the house? I think we were better off with outhouses so that nature's breeze could carry off the stink to some far away place instead of down the hall! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img]


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                    Trailscout; we had an outhouse when I was a kid and the stink would still waft towards the house especially in the hot summer months [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img] because also in those days air conditioners were few and far between in homes ,we were lucky we had a window fan, personally Id rather not go back to those conditions. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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                      We had an outhouse when I was 10-11-years-old, around 1956-57. It got mighty cold in the winter in Michigan.

                      When I was stationed in England with the US Air Force, my wife and I rented a trailer (called caravan there) that had a small shed sized building separate from the trailer. There was no heat, and it got very cold in there in the winter too.

                      Trailscout, you're welcome to the outhouses, but I like my heated indoor bathroom. That's why air fresheners were invented. Have you ever sat in an outhouse in below 0-F temperatures with the freezing wind blowing through the cracks in the walls? Not to mention the stench in the outhouse! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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                        How about that wonderful feeling of sitting on a seat that has been in the cold all night.


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                          well. i'm from florida, and i would prefer the outhouse. it's funny how our society created air conditioning to battle the heat, than fans to get rid of our bath smell 9out goes the air conditioned air), and drains in the shower to send soapy water down to some plant somewhere to be made cleaner. seems like a lot of inefficiency to me. where i live (hot and humid 70% of the year), i vote for the outhouse with a sanitary drain to the sewer (or a composting toilet if it was easier) and an outside shower to clean the humans and than water the plants. this would work in southern california also. i saw of a house designed on a hill that the outhouse hung over a cliff and if you looked through the hole you were pooping in, you could see several hundred feet down. i hope the animals below did not mind the droppings??

                          by the way, to those raising kids with the bathroom doors open - BRAVO, its the perfect time to show those really little ones how to use the toilet. when the kids get older, its a good time for discussions as we adults are finally in one place only doing one task (instead of the usual 22 tasks). using the toilet is part of being human, please don't hide it from the immediate family out of fear of smells or embarassment. we all make similar smells and noises, some more than others....


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                            Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded. Your comments were very interesting and humorous. Thanks!!!!


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                              I come from a family that lived naked as much as possible and for the past 70+ years I've lived that way. We have 3 generations of us and closing the bathroom door is a matter of personal preferance. I usually do when it's a bowel movement (noise smell consideration) but peeing, no I don't. Others in the family always close the door. My son says it's like masturbation, everyone knows you do it, but it's best done in private.

                              No one in our family young or old, is embarrassed if they're walked in on while doing a "job".