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Chemistry or Compatability

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  • Chemistry or Compatability

    Do you think chemistry or compatability plays a bigger role in sustained relationships?

    Also why do you think nudists form more lasting relationships then non-nudists do?

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    It could be either way. I had chemistry with my wife and I have felt compatable with other people while we are naked.


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      i agree - either way. the more you have in common the more capatible you are.


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        So where does physics come into play?

        The intangible qualities of a relationship are more important. Compatability is measurable but chemistry is harder to ascertain.

        It is akin to an actress having the "it" quality, the onscreen presence that makes the audience feel for her.

        I think chemistry enhances compatability.

        Bob S.


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          Both play important roles, but commitment is what keeps a relationship together.


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            This is a favorite subject many come to me with prior to marriage. I try to explain the 'chemistry' this way.

            There are four major points of a successful relationshipl All of these points MUST be a part of you each and before you ever meet. If they are honestly in place then the chemistry is a given, if not, they can be faked or adopted but then the real will emerge and the relationship will suffer and so will the participants.

            The first is Major common goals. You will have to identify what your major goals in life are. Some may be children, location in the country to live, lifestyle, leisure activities to include nudism, and on that goes.

            The next is Major common philosophies. Some could be religion, child upbringing, the handeling of disputes between you each and/or others, social behavoir and many others.

            Third is Major common interests. Some could be education, family, sports, foods, and others.

            WHen you have good compatability in the first three, the ability to cohabitate in harmony is needed and that could be the tie breaker.

            This knowing of one self is critical to establishing and comparing 'notes' on the other for success. Most people dont know these points about themselves and this becomes most of the problem. For those who do or blindly walk into it, great! For the rest there will be decided disparity that could lead to drastic and unpleasant results.