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  • Shaved

    When I started going to nudist places I noticed that many guys shaved, at least some of, their pubic hair. I tried it, liked it and think that it looks good.

    One thing I am not sure about though is being naked in a regular non-naturist environment - after years of being too shy to be naked in front of others now I am happy to be bare but worried that non-naturist guys will think it odd that my balls are smooth and my bush is trimmed. Anyone else had this worry ? How did you deal with it ?

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    I have the same concerns as I have been shaving my scrotum and pubic hair for the last 10 yrs or so, sometimes none sometimes a strip of hair. Last year when my kids were in swimming lessons at a public pool I was a bit uncomfortable in the change room, I never saw any other shaved men. From the message boards it seems there are quiet others though. Anyway I enjoy the look and feel of shaving and shall continue to do so.


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      Xen! I have been shaving my balls and penis for well over 5 years now and I finde it to be very comfortable.If you enjoy the look and feel then dont worrie what others think!
      I feel that it is totaly up to the individule as to weather or not you shave,The key here is,What you are comfortable with!


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        I used to shave because I like the look and feel of it smooth. However, it got to be too much of a hassle trying to keep it shaved. I cut myself with a blade and burned myself with an electric razor so I quit shaving.

        No one has the right to tell you that it isn't right to shave. One idiot on this forum called thos who shave perverts. After I told him what I thought of him, I didn't him in here after that. I see a lot of men and women who shave at the resort where I go.
        I've see them elsewhere too. It's all a matter of choice, and only the ignorant, opinionated, close-minded clods will object, and they don't matter. Be nude and have fun. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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          Hi Xen

          I'm not vary hairy and don't shave my twin bro Casey is the same. I have naturist mates the same age as Casey & I (21) who are hairier and do shave and trim. I think it's up to the individal and what ever feels right to the individual.

          I come from a naturist family and have seen guys shaved and not and it doesn't bother me either way. I can't speak for my twin bro but as we both have the same thoughts I would feel comfortable saying it doesn't bother him either.

          I play squash every Wednesday night with mates, two are naturists one is not. One of the naturists shaves, it doesn't bother him that he is shaved and just has a shower with us. Nothing is said to him by any of us.

          Hope this makes sense and helps.

          RT (Rob)


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            Hi RT

            Great to hear from an Australian naturist. I was there a few years ago and remember reading of people being arrested for being nude on the beach (they were in Queensland though !).

            I would image that it's easier to get into naturism in Australia, you have the climate and play lots of sport so at least you grow up used to being naked around others (assuming you have communal showers).

            In the UK it's far harder and we even have religious groups now complaining about communal nudity and demanding private shower facilites in schools. Gyms often have individual shower cubicles - it was going to a gym with communal showers and sauna/steam/jacuzzi in the changing room where everyone was totally nude (single sex) that gave me the confidence to try naturism - that wouldn't have happned had the gym had individual cubicles and a mixed sauna with eveyone weraing a costume (ugh!).

            As your non-naturist friend is happy to be naked around you and your naturist buddies have you ever thought of asking him along to a naturist site or would that be seen as being too forward ?



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              Hi Again Xen

              I went to an all boy school and we had communal showers after sport, I played Rugby for the school as did my twin bro Casey, and growing up in a naturist family it didn't bother me being naked around other guys.

              All my mates (buddies) new Casey & I where from a naturist family. Our non naturist mate didn't mind but it didn't interest him to come to a naturist event. We did invite him but he said he would not feel comfortable and we don't push our lifestyle on to anyone.

              The past summer was the first summer that I can remember that the entire family did not go to all the naturist events here in Sydney and the local nude beach every weekend. Casey, my younger sister (19) and I went as often as we could. All though sometimes I felt uncomfortable this past summer a few times but thats another story. David77 helped me solve the issues I had.

              Casey was in London a few weeks a go and had planned to go to a few youth naturist events but he had to come back to OZ becase my fathers had a stroke and we needed him back here. He's planning on going back next month.

              Well I'm off for a shower then off to bed. It's been a long long day.



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                Hi Rob

                Hope your dad is making good progress and Casey will be able to get back to the UK soon.

                Naturism isn't that popular with young people here, though there is a new nude group for the under 30s, so any assistance we can get from overseas is very welcome in helping promote it.